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I have a longer post that I'm just having a little trouble finishing, I will aim to publish it tomorrow. So for today, I have some midweek Montessori reading! Here are a few articles and things I'm loving. 1. Kuhn Rikon kinderkitchen knife review at Frida Be Mighty. Because we don't all have the same needs or shop in the same stores, this is a lovely review on a cute (puppy looking) knife. 2. This matching activity at Midwest Montessori because I remember Otis doing the exact same thing! 3. 12 Handmade Gifts for Montessori Babies at Uno Zwei Tutu... Read more →

It's the time of year when we start to get our house ready for Christmas. A few little touches here and there to remind us that the holiday season is nearly here! We have put out our Christmas tablecloth and beeswax Christmas candles, we've started a few Christmas puzzles. But I thought we could really do with some extra candles, and we definitely need some Christmas themed aprons! I fell in love with this little Christmas bear outfit (pictured above)! You know I love ordering from Etsy and nothing says Christmas like hand-made! Here are a few Christmassy things I'm... Read more →

Have you ever questioned why we put a mirror in our baby's room? It's common to see a low mirror in Montessori nurseries, in Nidos and infant classes. My number one reason is to promote movement. The mirror is placed next to our playmat and allows my child to focus, track movement all while he on the floor, free to move. And move he does! My second reason is because he is my third child, I love for him to be entertained so I can put the washing on, prepare dinner, and just put him down for a while. On... Read more →

I've been thinking about gift ideas for Montessori children around five to six years old. Most of my ideas end up being STEM related. This list is naturally influenced by my own children, what they have loved over the last few years and the toys they still hope to receive. Children of this age are often inquisitive, wanting to learn more about the world (and universe) and finding out how things work, often they like to make and create with their hands. For many Montessori families, this is an appropriate age to introduce technology and many children love early coding... Read more →

Are you looking an awesome gift for a new or expectant mum? Perhaps for a sister, best friend, daughter or daughter-in-law? I would have bought this for my sister for her first or second baby, or even for myself. The idea is brilliant! The Tuutu Baby Box is inspired by the Finnish Government maternity package, which is gifted to every expectant mother in Finland. The box is filled with the essentials every new parent needs. Running since 1938, Finland has given out more than 3 million boxes in total, and more than 40,000 boxes annually! The focus on quality necessities... Read more →

I wish there was more information online about Montessori with infants. There just isn't enough information available to support parents through these early parenting days. I would love to write more about this period but find myself struggling with daily parenting tasks. When I read some work by Simone, who is better known for her work with toddlers, I asked her to share some of her knowledge and advice here. This is a lovely article by Simone from The Montessori Notebook about the Montessori view of the Symbiotic Period (the first 6 to 8 weeks after birth). I hope you... Read more →

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. / 10. / 11. / 12. / 13. I remember reading, perhaps in The Absorbent Mind, that Maria Montessori suggested children only need two toys at home, a basket of wooden blocks and a special bear or doll. Over the years I've seen the value and witnessed the benefits of having blocks in the home. We've been fortunate to have a few different block sets so I thought I would share some of our favorites with you. These make lovely, wholesome, practical gifts... Read more →

Are you looking for some weekend Montessori reading and inspiration? Here are a few things I'm loving this week. Simple embroidery piece at Midwest Montessori, this is by Charlotte who is four years old. Preparing our Montessori Infant Space at Fishies in a Row. This Montessori nursery in France at The Blog of Sylvie d'Esclaibes. These photos from Corner of Hope an AMI Educateurs sans Frontières initiative. We have our flights booked (but still no school for the boys) to the UK, so I've been searching for some inspiring stores, have a look at Grasp + Gather, it's gorgeous! It's... Read more →

Before Otto was born I went into one of our local baby/toy stores. I wanted to see in person the baby car seat we had chosen, normally I'm happy ordering online avoiding such places. I was totally overwhelmed. The store was so bright and overstimulating, I wanted to leave immediately. It made me appreciate the Montessori knowledge and materials that we have accumulated over the years. It also made me understand how confused and overwhelmed many new parents must be, thinking they need all of these things, possibly not knowing there is another way. Most of the Montessori materials are... Read more →

I've written extensively about the Montessori mobiles, but what if they just aren't for you, what if you are looking for inexpensive alternatives using materials from around the home? Here are a few ideas. Plants! Otto has a smaller plant in his room that he will often focus on, it's well positioned next to his movement mat. The area pictured above is under a window so this monstera plant's large leaves will move gently in the breeze, providing just enough movement to engage Otto. This plant also provides interesting shadows which I can see him observing later in the day.... Read more →

Fresh Montessori Bedrooms to Love

Instagram is a fantastic place to find examples of Montessori bedrooms and floor beds. I love seeing these rooms, most are from everyday families and they all look so comfortable and cozy. I love this room above. This family decided to use a floor bed after finding the crib wasn't working for them! I don't know if it's the night light but this room looks super cozy. I like the nice low bed, low shelves, floor rug and low bookshelves. 10/10! This lovely room from Moje Montessori! Low artwork, mirror, floor bed. It's always good to see a Montessori room... Read more →

How has your week been? Ours has been filled with medical and visa appointments to prepare for our move, and we still have so much to do! Have you moved internationally before? There is so much paperwork. Here are a few articles I've been enjoying this week: Travelling with a Montessori Baby at The Montessori Way. Independent Play: Five Hints to Get the Ball Rolling at Janet Lansbury. The Montessori and RIE approach are not always compatible but I really like this article. These suggestions are fantastic! My Top Items for an Elementary Montessori Home at The Prepared Environment. Who... Read more →

You know we love beautiful art supplies. We also love art supplies that support our children's development. Both of my children have at times struggled with their pencil grip. Did you know that Crayon Rocks help children develop the correct tripod grip? Unlike other tools, Crayon Rocks are not complicated, all you need to do is give the child the crayon and the crayon does the rest! We recently received some Crayon Rocks to try (c/o Crayon Rocks) and Otis has barely stopped using them. He has never been a huge fan of crayons but these are really different. The... Read more →

Otis has been making lots of little gifts for his new brother. He makes lots of paintings for Otto's bedroom walls. Recently he made a cute little heart pillow and scented it with a 'Love' essential oil blend! Otis loves this heart cake tin and decided to use it to make a heart shape. He traces the cake tin and cuts out his fabric. Yes, the fabric needs an iron then pin the two pieces together. And then sew. Our fabulous children's sewing maching is c/o Parent Direct. If you are not sure about the point of a children's sewing... Read more →

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I haven't and really won't be ordering much as we are moving in January (we don't have dates yet). However, if I am going to order from overseas, orders need to be placed now so they arrive in time! Here are a few things I'm currently loving on Etsy. Pastel Stacking Rainbow - You can't have too many rainbows and I love the colours on this one. Currently has free shipping. Number Puzzle - Cute puzzle, also by the same maker are the lower and upper case alphabet puzzles. Alphabet Tracing Board -... Read more →