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Fresh Montessori Bedrooms to Love

Instagram is a fantastic place to find examples of Montessori bedrooms and floor beds. I love seeing these rooms, most are from everyday families and they all look so comfortable and cozy.

I love this room above. This family decided to use a floor bed after finding the crib wasn't working for them! 

I don't know if it's the night light but this room looks super cozy. I like the nice low bed, low shelves, floor rug and low bookshelves. 10/10!

This lovely room from Moje Montessori!  

 Low artwork, mirror, floor bed.

It's always good to see a Montessori room that is also super modern!  

And... just because I adore this handmade bed! I love the little bookshelf on the end.

If you cannot see the above images and are reading via email please click here to see the entire post. I hope you enjoyed these! Please feel free to tag me @howwemontessori or #howwemontessori to share your Montessori rooms. 

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