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Montessori Gift Ideas for Children 5-6 Years Old

How we Montessori  Gift Ideas for Children Five to Six Years Old

I've been thinking about gift ideas for Montessori children around five to six years old. Most of my ideas end up being STEM related. This list is naturally influenced by my own children, what they have loved over the last few years and the toys they still hope to receive. 

Children of this age are often inquisitive, wanting to learn more about the world (and universe) and finding out how things work, often they like to make and create with their hands. For many Montessori families, this is an appropriate age to introduce technology and many children love early coding toys (mine do!). Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for children five to six years.

  • Children's Telescope - So they can see the moon and its craters! 
  • Dash Robot - My kids have used these in workshops and have loved them.
  • Digital Camera -  Make it shock and water-proof. I love the idea of the child being able to independently document field trips, camps, trips to the beach and holidays. 
  • Marble Run - The bigger the better.
  • Easy Weaver Kids Weaving Loom - This looks fabulous.
  • Digital Microscope or First Microscope - We have and can recommend both of these! 
  • Makey Makey - Age recommendation is eight years and up but one to think about if you are willing to play with the child or if they have an older sibling who can help. Both of my children have also enjoyed using the Little Bits kits
  • Chess - If your child doesn't know how to play, perhaps now it the time to teach them?
  • Kite - Remember those? If your child is adventurous perhaps find a stunt kite?
  • Children's Hammock - We bought the boys an outdoor hammock last year and it's the best thing, they love it. 
  • Pulley Set (with Wooden Reels and Nylon Ropes) - Similar here in Australia. For some outdoor fun with a little science and engineering.
  • Children's Card Game Set - Some good old-fashioned fun. 
  • Crayon Rocks - Australia here
  • K'Nex or Lego Technic - These are recommended for children seven years but my six-year-old loves them! Consider the child's building experience and if they have someone to help (such as an older sibling) if needed. 
  • Playline Slackline - Slacklining for beginners. 
  • Face and Body Crayons - Just because these are a favorite of my six year old! 
  • Cubetto Coding Toy - A coding toy recommended for children from three years and up.  
  • Online Art Classes - Perfect for an art-loving child.

The older the child the easier it is to select gifts based on their interests. This list could be much larger because children of this age are often interested in so many things. I'd love to hear what is on your wish list this year! 

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