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Teaching Correct Pencil Grip with Crayon Rocks + A Giveaway!

Crayon Rocks at HWM

You know we love beautiful art supplies. We also love art supplies that support our children's development. Both of my children have at times struggled with their pencil grip. Did you know that Crayon Rocks help children develop the correct tripod grip? Unlike other tools, Crayon Rocks are not complicated, all you need to do is give the child the crayon and the crayon does the rest! 

We recently received some Crayon Rocks to try (c/o Crayon Rocks) and Otis has barely stopped using them. He has never been a huge fan of crayons but these are really different. The crayons mark the paper easy, he can colour a large amount of space quickly and easily, they are natural to hold and don't fatigue his hand, the colours are really vibrant and they come in lots of colours. They don't have messy wrappers and they won't break into little pieces. I also really like the box, they make you want to use them. Pictured is the box of 64 - perfect for homeschool, preschools, daycare centres or just for really creative kids!!

Otis  good pencil grip with Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks were designed by a special needs teacher, to teach the correct pencil grip. The uniquely shaped design automatically places a child's fingers in the correct position for the tripod grip. By simply colouring with Crayon Rocks the child will learn the tripod grip, strengthen hand muscles and improve fine motor skills. They can be used to teach the correct pencil grip from the start. Please note that the crayons are not recommended for children under three and supervision is required, due to their size the crayons are a choking hazard. 

Crayon Rocks are 100% natural. They are made in the USA from locally sourced soy, coloured with natural pigments, contain no phthalates or nasty chemicals or additives. All of the packaging is designed for multiple uses and can be recycled.  

Otis  Crayon Rocks at How we Montessori

If you are concerned about your child's grip you may like this article Eight Signs of a Poor Pencil Grip. With both of my children, one being left handed, I frequently connect with their teachers about handwriting concerns. I really wish we'd started with the Crayon Rocks earlier. Otis has been colouring for much longer than he ever writes, so I know the Crayon Rocks are working.

Otis holding Crayon Rock at How we Montessori

We also have a travel bag of eight crayons (not pictured) and these would be perfect for gifts for friends or as Christmas stocking stuffers (or to keep at Grandma's house)! We have one pack of 32 Crayon Rocks to give-away. To enter please leave a comment below in the comments section of this blog post, about what your child/ren like to write, draw or create. Please only one comment per family. Comments will close Friday 17th November at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.   

If you are in the US you can order Crayon Rocks here. Please let me know if you have used Crayon Rocks and if you like them!  

Thank you for your comments, entries have now closed, I will be emailing the winner shortly! 

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