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Six Things at How we Montessori

I have a longer post that I'm just having a little trouble finishing, I will aim to publish it tomorrow. So for today, I have some midweek Montessori reading! Here are a few articles and things I'm loving.

1. Kuhn Rikon kinderkitchen knife review at Frida Be Mighty. Because we don't all have the same needs or shop in the same stores, this is a lovely review on a cute (puppy looking) knife. 

2. This matching activity at Midwest Montessori because I remember Otis doing the exact same thing!

3. 12 Handmade Gifts for Montessori Babies at Uno Zwei Tutu - I love every one of these ideas! 

4. The Evolution of Pablo's Room at Mama the Explorer. I have previously shown this room, you can see what it looks like now. I love to see not only how Montessori rooms progress as the child gets older but how they look when they are 'lived in'. 

5. This is awesome! 5 Paint Invitations to Embrace the Explore Stage at Fairy Dust Teaching. I love the colour mixing on the mirrors, this is for the explore stage but I know Otis (at six yrs) would love it.

6. Looking for some book recommendations? I mentioned that I've been listening to Baby Knows Best: Raising a Confident and Resourceful Child the RIE Way. This week I have enjoyed Magda Gerber's Your Self-Confident Baby: How to Encourage Your Child's Natural Abilities from the Very Start. Now I am absolutely loving (but haven't yet finished) There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather: A Scandinavian Mom's Secrets for Raising Healthy, Resilient, and Confident Kids (from Friluftsliv to Hygge)

Also if you are thinking about using a floor bed, this is a really good and honest article, Baby and Toddler Floor Bed, What Works for Us at Minted Maiden. I hope you enjoy!

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