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HWM Dream Nursery

If resources or location weren't an issue, what would be in your Montessori Nursery? It's not a tough question for me as it's something that I've thought about many times. I might be a bit obsessed but I'm sure I'm not the only one!

I don't know if it's a positive or a negative, but with our move, I get to start our Montessori nursery all over again. We are taking some toys and materials but it's too expensive and unrealistic to ship Otto's current furniture. So I've been daydreaming. It will be much easier being able to shop in the UK and Europe where there are many more Montessori furniture options. We can't paint the walls but we can use removable wallpaper, which I'm seriously considering (I love this scallop design). We will be using the nursery from when Otto is four months to two years so some things like a small wardrobe, while wanted might not be necessary, we will have to re-home everything before returning to Australia. 

I love minimalistic Montessori rooms but admit it's probably not my style. I start off minimalistic and then overfill the shelves! I love natural timber but with lots of colour. This is what would be in my Montessori nursery! I can't wait to move and get started. 

Scallop Wallpaper I Reading Bench I Children's Stool I Low Infant Shelf I Wooden Barn I Green Floor Rug (I would have used this here if we weren't moving, it's so soft and perfect for infants) I Montessori Bed I Child Low Library I Montessori Weaning Table and Chair (I would probably order similar from here) I Large Ball Tracker I Wall Mirror with Pull Up Bar

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