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Loving... Montessori Magnetic Letters

Magnetic Movable Alphabet  Magnetic Alphabet at How we Montessori

Do you have any magnetic letters at home? Magnetic letters on our fridge really helped my children to casually practice the spelling of their name and other short words.

Using magnetic letters at home is a great way for the child to practice their literacy skills without duplicating or replicating work done at school. I like having them available simply for the child to play or tinker with when they like!

If your child is going to a Montessori school or if you are following Montessori at home, I recommend starting with lower case letters. I love to follow the Montessori tradition of using the red and blue letters. If unsure ask your child's teacher, some schools use red consonants and some use red vowels.

We initially used the Melissa and Doug Alphabet magnets and later used the Magnetic Movable Alphabet (Australia). Here are a few other more Montessori orientated options. 

1. Magnetic Learning Letters - Lower Case - Learning Resources.

2. AlphaMagnets - Lowercase - Educational Insights.

3. Large Movable Alphabet - Magnetic from Wood Puzzles (Australia), these are the ones we have used with Otis since he was around two years old. We still have these letters on our children's fridge. They are made in Queensland which is fabulous, you can choose your own colors and script type too! 

4. Jolly Phonics Magnetic Letters - Jolly Phonics (Australia).

5. Magnetic Lowercase Movable Alphabet with Box - Alison's Montessori. Alison's Montessori also have this Magnetic Alphabet which is really affordable. 

6. Colour-coded Magnetic Letter Kit - EZread.

7. Classroom Magnetic Letters Kit - Lakeshore Learning. (Australia here). 

8. Word Building Magnetic Letters - Lowercase - Lakeshore Learning. 

9. Wooden Alphabet Magnets -  Little Masterpeaces (Etsy).

While I generally encourage the children to use this form of a Movable Alphabet in any way they like sometimes I will write a few things to promote their use such as: 

  • names, family names
  • put the letters in alphabetical order
  • short shopping list "apples", "bananas"
  • short messages "Happy Birthday", "I love you", "Merry Christmas".

Sometimes we would have a whole lot of letters just floating around on the fridge but usually we keep the tray of letters nearby!

For a simple DIY, I have seen the printable Movable Alphabet used effectively with magnets applied to the back.

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