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Montessori Home Ideas to Love!

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I am always on the look out for fresh Montessori inspiration. Here are a few rooms I'm loving, all with lots of ideas for a Montessori home. 

Above at nomilktoday_kitmontessori. Cleaning materials on low hooks in a way that is aesthetically pleasing!

 Love this bedroom. Low shelves and a few simple puzzles and toys.

This is a classroom but most of the concepts could be applied at home. Low book display and storage, low hanging art work, interesting work for the child. 

Large display for forward facing books. 

This is from the same family with an inspiring and fun space, low storage, low art work, this area is all about the child!


 Mothers Abroad does it every time. These areas are so well considered, meeting the needs of the child. 

There is simplicity and order here but what I really like is the low shelves for the children to access and the high shelves to keep materials nearby for the adult to access. And who doesn't love a comfortable reading nook!

Just because this looks like an excellent book for a Montessori home and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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I hope you have found some inspiration and possibly some new accounts to follow! Have a lovely weekend!  

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