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Otto  12 weeks  Skwish at How we Montessori

I want to share with you this cute mobile that Otto has been using and absolutely loving. We've used it hanging on the play gym and now over the movement area. 

The child can bat at or pull on the ring to make the wooden bells (or chimes) ring. The sound is lovely although Otto, like most children I'm sure, gets a little vigorous and swishes them around. He also tries really hard to put the ring in his mouth, he's definitely teething. 

Like most tactile mobiles this is good for developing concentration, coordination, arm and core strength, visual tracking and learning cause and effect. It also allows the infant to have control over their environment, they can just lie there and watch it, they can bat at it or pull on it to make the sound. 

The ring and bells (or chimes) are all wooden and the sound is a lovely organic (wood clanking) sound. If you are looking for a tactile mobile other than the bell or ring on a ribbon, this might be one to try. The sound is different to the bell, the child has more influence over this mobile in that there is more of it to move and the sound is louder, and there is still the ring to grasp.

Harmony Bell  Chime Montessori Mobile at How we Montessori #2

I'm forever influenced by this room at Three Oaks.

(This mobile can be found at Michael Olaf, Montessori Australia, and similar can be found at Essential Montessori.)

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