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Happy New Year! Top Posts for 2017!

Montessori home environments for a five year old at how we montessori

Happy New Year! If you would like some holiday reading, here are our top posts for 2017;

  1. The Montessori Newborn - What Montessori Parents Do Differently.
  2. Around here. Otto's Montessori Nursery Peek (at two weeks).
  3. Were can I find a Montessori floor bed?
  4. Some Montessori Spaces You Will Love.
  5. Montessori Closet / Wardrobe Ideas and Inspiration.
  6. Otto's Montessori Room - at Six Weeks. 
  7. Ten Things To Do With Your Montessori Newborn. 
  8. Notes to a Montessori Parent - Teaching Natural Consequences
  9. Montessori Classrooms Around the World - Switzerland, Israel and India!
  10. How to get the kids to clean up - without asking!
  11. Toy Store vs Montessori Materials. 
  12. How many activities should I have out? - Montessori Toddler.
  13. New Montessori Finds at Ikea.
  14. Montessori Home Environments for a Five-Year-Old.
  15. Talking to friends and family about children's gifts and presents. 

I would like to sincerely thank all of the stores we have worked with this year, especially M.Vita (ships worldwide), Parent Direct (Australia) and Montessori Shop (NZ).

Best wishes for 2018! I can't wait to see what the new year brings!! 

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