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We have arrived in the UK! We have moved into our house but we don't have many of our things and it will be a while before we are feeling settled and find our rhythm. In the meantime, I want to share with you some UK Montessori home resources that we have been enjoying.

Stores for Montessori home materials, there are more shops for school materials however these are the ones that I have found the most relevant for the home environment;

Montessori at home blogs;

  • Montessori Family - published by Carine, a Montessori guide. 
  • My Montessori UK - homeschooling blog for 3-6 years. 
  • Frida By Mighty - I love this site and link to it all the time, lots of activity and home environment ideas for toddlers to preschoolers. 
  • Fred Ted and Company - a Montessori parenting blog based in Northern Ireland. 
  • Show Me Montessori - not currently published.
  • Help Me To Help Myself - written by Nicole, from the UK but currently in Japan, her cold weather clothing posts are certainly useful for those in the UK. 
  • Modern Montessori Mum - Instagram account with no blog, toddler-preschooler ideas, based in Cotswolds, UK. 

Children's books that we are enjoying, Britain specific;

Obviously, I am new to the area so if there is a shop or blog I have missed, please tell me about it!

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