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Otto is five months old so naturally, we are starting to think about weaning. We are starting to plan for weaning. It can be a really special time for the child, it's a time of separation and independence. It's a time of tremendous growth. Although we will take a relaxed... Read more →

A few pictures from our weekend. This year Caspar and Otis have their own bedrooms. Otis' bedroom is my favourite room in the house. It's colourful and cheery and is always spotless! He has a cabin bed which means he has this little space underneath, perfect for a little reading... Read more →

A Montessori wardrobe is a child's wardrobe that is accessible and easy for the child to use, from toddlerhood. Why no excuses? Because I honestly believe no matter where you live or what resources you have, you are able to create a Montessori wardrobe for your child! Firstly why does... Read more →

Is this the smallest Montessori bedroom you have ever seen? Otto has the smallest bedroom in the house. It's small and we will make the most of it! It's hard because his old Montessori bedroom looked like this - so complete, and we had to leave it all behind and... Read more →

What is the right age for the child's first pocket knife? If the child has been raised in a Montessori environment and is familiar with using knives, I'm thinking around five or six years of age? By seven, eight or nine years old - absolutely! Of course, it depends on... Read more →

I am sure that I have missed many of my children's developmental milestones. Often it's because I don't know what I'm looking for and they just pass while I am blissfully unaware. However, when it comes to the development of the hand, I watch my children like a hawk. I... Read more →

Do you love and follow the Montessori philosophy at home? What about at school, is Montessori schooling an option for you? There may not be a Montessori school close to you? What do you do? Don't despair! We recently moved from Australia to the UK. We knew before we moved,... Read more →