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Montessori bedroom at five months  Otto sleeping on Montessori bed

Is this the smallest Montessori bedroom you have ever seen? Otto has the smallest bedroom in the house. It's small and we will make the most of it! It's hard because his old Montessori bedroom looked like this - so complete, and we had to leave it all behind and start over again. 

This time we have Otto in a wood bed. I was worried about the cold floor, but I shouldn't have, his room is always toasty. The bed is low enough that he can wriggle out when he's a little older but won't roll off the side. It's a good option if you have concerns about the child rolling out of bed, or just want something that looks super cute. The low shelves and Montessori bed are from Manine Montessori. They are not available right now but will be back soon, if you are interested you can email Leen to discuss, they are a lovely option for those living in the  UK or Europe.

Montessori bedroom at five months  Otto sleeping on Montessori bed

We are still rotating mobiles, Otto just loves them so much. Our butterfly mobile recently broke so we are using this hot air balloon mobile, the colours are so bold and the balloons spin around individually and then the mobile spins. The mini rainbow and the wood name puzzle are at this age, for decoration and to personalise the space. Otto can't reach the top shelf but there are some materials there for when he can sit and work (palmer and pincer grasp blocks). The bottom shelf has some crinkle and tag blankets, which are new. There is a book and a basket of various rattles, for hand development.

Montessori bedroom at five months  Otto sleeping on Montessori bed

Otto is good at self-soothing, he talks, sucks his fingers and plays with his rabbit lovey until he falls asleep. This was obviously for a day time nap and I closed the curtains shortly after.

Montessori bedroom at five months  Otto sleeping on Montessori bed

He is also a tummy sleeper.

Montessori bedroom at five months  Otto sleeping on Montessori bed

When it comes to Montessori wardrobes I feel like I can deal with whatever is thrown at me! Here Otto has this little wardrobe, perfect for the telescopic wardrobe extender! You can put it at any height. This was cheap and really easy to do. The crochet basket on the floor has socks and woollen bonnets - which are essential at this time of year. We have these hangers, they are such good quality, I have to recommend them. When he is a little older I will remove some of the clothes (hang them up on the higher rod) so he has a small selection to choose from. He will be two when we move back to Australia where he has a wooden toddler wardrobe waiting for him. 

Otto's windowsill at How we Montessori  montessori bedroom

His room only has one window but I often hold him here to look outside, it's nice to have some flowers and a few cute things to look at, when he's older he can play with the Grimm's boat and peg people.

Next to Otto's low shelf these is a little space perhaps for a small table and chair or even a ball tracker or small book shelf. I would like to put a mirror up for self-dressing. He has a little barn near the door and his floor mirror which is currently placed in front of the heater. I'm not sure how to baby proof the heater, the mirror is blocking it right now, but I'll need to consider some options. So, this is a work in progress. Keep in mind that Otto has lots of materials and a large playmat downstairs in our living area, as you can see here (first picture) - so he has lots more space to play in, but this is a peek inside his room! 

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