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A peek into our (new) Montessori home.

Otto at four months  infant shelves at How we Montessori UK

We moved to the UK mid January however some of our (new/rented) furniture is still arriving and we only recieved our personal items from Australia last week. Finally, some shelves for Otto! This is a part of our living area, it is next to our dining area and adjacent to our kitchen (which is also our laundry!). This area is so well placed, I can be in the kitchen/laundry and still supervise him. I can be close if needed but he can have his space too. Because it's so close to our dining and kitchen, I think I might put his weaning table here too and it could double as a work table. Once organised I'll show you his tiny bedroom where he has his mirror, mobiles and, bed! 

Otis' windowsill

Caspar (10yrs) and Otis (6yrs) now have their own bedrooms. Previously they shared a room and slept in a bunk. It's was time, I felt they just needed their own space. I love how Otis has utilised his windowsill. Often you can see squirrels running through those trees outside. 

Otto at four months  infant shelves at How we Montessori UK

Above are some shelves in Otis' room. His furniture only arrived yesterday so he is having fun arranging and re-arranging everything. 

How we Montessori  weaning materials for Otto

This little shelving unit is so cute I couldn't resist, it has two shelves and is toddler height. I picked it up from a thrift/vintage shop only this morning. It will house Otto's weaning materials such as placemats, bibs, napkins, plates, bowls, glasses and, utensils. I ordered his weaning table today. Unfortunately, his Me-Do-It chair didn't arrive, I hope it's been put into storage in Australia and not completely lost. This house is much smaller than our previous homes so our Montessori spaces might look a little different. I can't wait to fully unpack and organise! 

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