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Give toys with purpose. Montessori toys for grasping and hand to hand transfer. Developmental Milestone.

Montessori Interlocking discs  Otto at five months at How we Montessori

I am sure that I have missed many of my children's developmental milestones. Often it's because I don't know what I'm looking for and they just pass while I am blissfully unaware. However, when it comes to the development of the hand, I watch my children like a hawk. I prepare the infant's environment for grasping. I watch and smile as I see the child bring their hands together for the first time or grasp with intention. I take note when they start hand to hand transfer - and this is where we are right now! Above are our Interlocking Discs - perfect for this stage (around five months), ours are c/o Montessori Shop. The Interlocking Discs also promote the rotation of the wrists - such a good design, thank you Gianna Gobbi!

Maria Montessori  The absorbent mind  at HWM

The above chart is from The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori. Haven't read it? Get yourself a copy now, perhaps you can find it in a school library or borrow from a friend?

Bell rattle and interlocking discs at How we Montessori

Present on a cute tray or basket on the child's low shelves. 

Otto reaching with hand  bell rattle at How we Montessori

This little bell rattle is new and also promotes this hand to hand transfer, plus it's totally chewable and safe for the infant to explore with their hands and mouth.

Otto reaching with hand  bell rattle at How we Montessori

There are a few other toys we have that support this developmental milestone; the simple wooden ring, Brio bell rattle and really lots of rattles that can be held with both hands! The child will work to grasp the object with one hand, grasp it with the second hand and then let go with the first hand. Often the child will reverse and repeat, also while concentrating really hard.

Materials for grasping  hand to hand transfer at How we Montessori

Often when we think about Montessori toys, we think natural or wooden... but they all have a specific purpose, the key is to know what they are for and when to present them. 

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