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Kids Clothing - Loving loud + proud from Germany

Loud + proud bodysuits at How we Montessori

I love kid's clothing, I love researching, I love browsing and I love finding products that look good and work for us. I'm starting a monthly feature on kids clothing; for big and little kids, clothes, possibly shoes and outerwear that meet our Montessori values. Clothes that are good for our children and good for our planet. 

Today I am sharing this fantastic brand which we discovered this summer while in Australia. It's loud + proud, an ethical and sustainable children's clothing company based in Germany. loud + proud clothing is made from GOTS certified cotton in Europe. The range includes gorgeous bright and bold graphic designs in a range of children's clothes; tops, pants, dresses, coats, rompers, overalls, tights and also includes a small range of women's clothing and bags. 

Loud + proud bodysuits at How we Montessori

You know, I absolutely love these! They have SO many different prints, I am sure you will love them too! I dress my children and especially my infants for freedom of movement. I like to dress babies including non-crawlers and crawlers in bodysuits and pants. The pants can be taken off when the baby is on a playmat and trying to grip the floor surface and I find this easy for night-time nappy changes. Once my children are walking we move to a top and pants, or just a top and training pants at home, as at this stage we introduce toilet learning. Outerwear is a different story, in winter, we layer up when outdoors.

Loud + proud bodysuits at How we Montessori

Who doesn't love Hedgehogs? We source our loud + proud in Austraila from Shorties. Kids Love Rainbow Colours has a good range of bodysuits and tops too. In the UK I've been using Amazon (UK), however, the loud + proud site has a large range, lots of sale items and is in English! Otto is a long baby (96th percentile for height and weight!) so I size up, as I've learnt they so often do in Europe, use the size (in cms) not the age as a guide!

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