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Preparing for Weaning - at Five Months. Using the Montessori Approach.

Our weekend - reading, nature walks, calendula oil, weaning table and more.

Otto and Otis  reading Hands Can  books for babies  Otto at five months

A few pictures from our weekend. This year Caspar and Otis have their own bedrooms. Otis' bedroom is my favourite room in the house. It's colourful and cheery and is always spotless! He has a cabin bed which means he has this little space underneath, perfect for a little reading nook.

Otto and Ot (1)

Love books and babies!

Otis baking at How we Montessori  six years

Child made, perfectly imperfect Zesty Lemon Cupcakes, with Lemon Butter icing. 

Nature reserve at How we Montessori  Montessori nature walk

Our local nature reserve is full of wonders! It was freezing, the lake and some of the little ponds were frozen over.  

Frogs eggs at How we Montessori

We were amazed by these huge clumps of frog eggs, this pond was full of them. I know this will become one of our favourite places to visit to see how those little frogs have grown. 

School baking at How we Montessori

Otis' class baked four times last week. Each of the four days he brought home something different; a muesli type slice, chocolate brownies, bread rolls and these St David's Day Welsh Cakes to cook at home. I absolutely love this idea... the teacher not only sent home some cakes to cook but also the laminated recipe. St David's Day is Thursday this week, so there is plenty of time for us to research, tell stories and bake more cakes of our own. This idea has heart and meaning for the children!! Teachers, do more of this please!  

HWM Infant Massage  at five months

Rhythms are so very important to us. As Otto and I are finding our new rhythm we have again found comfort in the familiarities of infant massage and cloth nappies. Both have been so important to us but were disregarded on our travels. I was going to DIY some infant massage oil but I was told about this Calendula oil. I'm glad we gave it a go, it's lovely, it says fragrance-free but the natural fragrance it has is gentle and soothing, to me and Otto! We are also 100% Tots Bots at the moment, it's the local brand and what everyone here seems to use and we are completely satisfied! 

Otto's Montessori weaning table and chair at How we Montessori

The cutest Montessori weaning table and chair arrived today (Monday)! It was dark before I put it together but it is just perfect. I can't tell you how much I love well designed and well-made children's furniture.  

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