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Today I'm sharing five Montessori articles, links and things that you might enjoy! Earlier in the week I put this image on Instagram. The little baskets are new and really help to brighten up the space, I ordered them from Babipur (UK), they look much nicer in real life and are all fair trade! How Sound Blocks Help Babies and Toddlers at Rainy Day Sunny Play, because only this week I put three of our smaller sound blocks on Otto's shelves, they work well as chunky rattles/shakers and he's at the stage where he loves to bang things together. These... Read more →

I always want to follow my children, to meet their individual needs and wants. At home I've been trying to guide my ten-year-old (Caspar) to try a few new things, not to push but to get him thinking more broadly, thinking outside of the box. Perhaps it's because he has two younger siblings that take up so much of my time but I've been making an effort to spend more time doing things with him, making sure that he is included in some of my daily life and household activities. Here are a few things that we've been doing together... Read more →

Once your child grows out of the toddler to preschooler stage there really isn't a lot of advice available on how to create Montessori home spaces. When it comes to my children's rooms my aim is to create a space they can be themselves in, that they can grow in, relax in and be at peace in, that they can use to explore the world. It needs to be warm and comfortable. Their rooms also in some way will reflect their individual personalities and interests. Many families like bedrooms for sleeping only and therefore will only contain a bed and... Read more →

Perhaps it's because they are so small, perhaps it's because they don't say much, babies especially those with older siblings can be constantly on the move or rushed or shushed. I'm a busy parent, I live in the real world but I could do with a reminder. Perhaps you could do with a reminder too. From some of my Montessori readings, here a few ways we can respect the baby. We can respect: Individual developmental needs - don't rush, push or force. Observe and follow the child's lead, provide an environment that is developmentally appropriate. Need for sleep, rest and... Read more →

How was your week? Otto has been teething, so there hasn't been a lot of sleep going on around here. On a positive note, it's now Spring and the school holidays start next week! Here are a few articles that I've been enjoying. If you have a toddler you must read this - and take look at the gorgeous pictures. The Development of the Will: Movement in the 0-3 Year Old Child at Villa di Maria Montessori School. Montessori Basics: What is the Montessori work period? at Bergamo Montessori School. If you are a teacher you might enjoy this, A... Read more →

It's now Spring, although it still feels like Winter and we have a tendency to want to rug our babies up and keep them inside. At six months the baby is grabbing and pulling and putting things in their mouths, we are constantly saying no and keeping them away from everything precious. But at six months the child is capable and interested and has an innate desire to explore. Today we spent some time in the garden, just watching the birds and squirrels play around us. The change from Winter to Spring is magical, last weekend these Daffodils were covered... Read more →

Otis (six years) loves being in the kitchen. He loves making and baking. He loves his kitchen gadgets and appliances almost as much as I do! The boys have school holidays next week so I'm already thinking about what food and snacks we'll need. It has me thinking about the children's favourite kitchen appliances. It should be noted that not all of these appliances are made for or targeted at children. Also as a Montessori family, we may introduce some of these appliances at a younger age than other families. Mostly Otis will use them independently but always under close... Read more →

Today I'm sharing a fantastic idea for creative kids, perhaps as a gift or as an activity for the school holidays! Out of all of my children, Otis (six years) enjoyed this the most! I also have a discount code for you at the end of the post. All tees and products shown are c/o My Monster. The idea here is simple, in the kit you receive a tee or jumper (colour and size of your choosing) and a set of Monster stickers - bodies, eyes, mouths, arms, legs, and, accessories. The child arranges the stickers on the tee (or... Read more →

I remember when Otis was four, there was a young boy in his class learning long division. Wow, just wow! Every time I saw the boy I tried to take a peek over his shoulder to see what he was working on. The accomplishments of this young boy should be celebrated, just as the accomplishments of the other children in the class. His achievements do not lessen the achievements of the other children. It doesn't always work like that though does it? I remember being a first-time parent going to our Mother's Group. All of the other babies sat, waved,... Read more →

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 When we arrived here a couple of months ago I ordered this cute and colourful table and chair for Otto. It is toddler sized, I was thinking of shortening the legs but now I'm not sure, the chair is low and the seat is wide which is great for toddlers. I needed some colour in my life, some colour in our spaces. I might go over the top with colour at times but I like my home spaces to feel fun, lighthearted, fresh and spontaneous.... Read more →

It's always difficult to find the Montessori materials you are looking for in a store near you. So many Montessori infant materials are handmade, finding them is often dependant on finding an Assistant to Infancy trained guide near you. Many materials can be DIYed so if you are interested, have a search or let me know, I might be able to find a tutorial for you. In a lot of locations, Etsy is a good place to start. As always, do your research and know what you are looking for, not all times listed as 'Montessori' are recommended or fit... Read more →

Montessori home spaces to love - March 2018

Today I'm sharing some Montessori home spaces that have touched me in some way. Some are beautiful and inspiring while other remind me of the importance of organisation and order. Above is just one image from the Montessori365 account which is calming and simple - never overwhelming. A child's organised kitchen space at Family Friendly Home. A gorgeous kitchen space at The Curious Craft. In all areas of our homes, we can only work with what we have, just a little cupboard or a few drawers may be all the child needs. A well labeled and organised space at No... Read more →

When do you allow your child to walk to school by themselves? If you have free-range children you may have them start earlier than others, however, it's not always your decision alone. Often when deciding when a child can walk to school by themselves the school needs to be involved too. This is a situation where we can say "it depends". It depends on the child, the distance, the school. However, I have found that in my community there is a general consensus that for many children it is around Year Five or when the child is 10-11 years old.... Read more →

This is my second post in a monthly series on children's clothing. Clothing that we love, clothing that is fun, practical and true to our Montessori values! Clothing is so important for children and more so for infants. Otto (six months) spends most of his day on the floor on a movement mat or on a play mat at friends or curled up in his brothers' arms. Having soft, comfortable clothing that keeps him warm and allows him to move is a priority. Previously Otto was wearing soft woolen booties when we went out visiting or at home, just for... Read more →

Today I'm sharing some of the books we've been enjoying recently! Otto - six months When I search for Montessori baby books, the same titles keep on coming up. It could be because these are the tried and true and it could be because we aren't reviewing new baby books. Books like Priddy's First 100 Words will never go out of fashion in Montessori homes - the clear realistic images on plain backgrounds, of every day objects, is just perfect. The whole Priddy series is fantastic. Another series that I love for babies is the DK Baby Touch and Feel... Read more →