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An idea for the school holidays - Design your own tee with My Monster.

Otis designing his Little Monsters Tee

Today I'm sharing a fantastic idea for creative kids, perhaps as a gift or as an activity for the school holidays! Out of all of my children, Otis (six years) enjoyed this the most! I also have a discount code for you at the end of the post. All tees and products shown are c/o My Monster

Otis designing his Little Monsters Tee

The idea here is simple, in the kit you receive a tee or jumper (colour and size of your choosing) and a set of Monster stickers - bodies, eyes, mouths, arms, legs, and, accessories. The child arranges the stickers on the tee (or jumper) in any way they like. There are lot of stickers to choose from and the child can take as long or as little time as they like to ensure the Monster is just the way they like it.  

Otis and Otto wearing Little Monster Tees at How we Montessori

Then with adult help, they peel the back of the sticker off, stick it in place and iron it on. We found it really easy to do. I did most of the ironing as I wanted to be careful - you press down with the iron not move it around. Once the sticker is ironed on the plastic backing just peels off the tee. The colours are vibrant and the Monsters are crazy!!

Little Monster Tee - finished and ironed

The child can be super proud of their efforts. Perhaps it can get their creative juices going and they can think of other ways to use the left over stickers or other ways they can customise their clothing?

Otis with little monsters DIY tee at How we Montessori

My Monster is offering a 15% discount to HWM readers with the discount code Monster15 at checkout. Thank you to My Monster for our tees and for sharing your product with us. You can also follow My Monster on Instagram

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