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Give me some colour!! Don't take yourself too seriously - Children's Tables and Chairs.

Colourful Children's Furniture at How we Montessori

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When we arrived here a couple of months ago I ordered this cute and colourful table and chair for Otto. It is toddler sized, I was thinking of shortening the legs but now I'm not sure, the chair is low and the seat is wide which is great for toddlers. I needed some colour in my life, some colour in our spaces. 

I might go over the top with colour at times but I like my home spaces to feel fun, lighthearted, fresh and spontaneous. On the internet and when talk about Montessori in general, we can all get a bit serious and for just one day, for just one blog post, it doesn't need to be like that. Today I'm daydreaming of bright, light-filled rooms with tasteful, colourful furnishings. Children's furniture doesn't need to be bold or brash, some of these colours would work for adult furniture too. 

Lacking colour in your children's spaces? I've also used a dash of paint on spare chairs to colour things up a little (last picture here). Of course, colourful artwork and/or other transient furnishings can help too. I know there is a whole lot of information about colour theory and how colour can affect our moods but it can also make a space personal, individual and you!

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