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Kids Clothing - Loving Moccis

Otto and Otis playing wearing Moccis at How we Montessori

This is my second post in a monthly series on children's clothing. Clothing that we love, clothing that is fun, practical and true to our Montessori values! Clothing is so important for children and more so for infants. Otto (six months) spends most of his day on the floor on a movement mat or on a play mat at friends or curled up in his brothers' arms. Having soft, comfortable clothing that keeps him warm and allows him to move is a priority. 

Otto and Otis croc moccis at How we Montessori

Previously Otto was wearing soft woolen booties when we went out visiting or at home, just for warmth. Now he is learning... trying so hard to crawl, he needs something that will grip the floor better.  When Otis was little he wore the very similar, cute, red Nowali shoes.  I still have them but needed a smaller size for Otto. So I looked around and decided to try Moccis. These little croc designs are so cute and they fit so well, it was love at first sight. We try for Otto to have bare feet as much as possible, however, he stills wears his Moccis every day and now I'm not sure what we would do without them. 

Otto and Otis croc moccis at How we Montessori

What we love about our Moccis:

  • handcrafted in Sweden
  • warm
  • flexible
  • soft and comfortable
  • will stay on
  • offer freedom of movement, not restrictive
  • will provide grip for the learner crawler
  • non-slip, this is especially good for Otis and being careful not to fall down our carpeted stairs
  • easy to put on and take off, Otto isn't at this stage yet but will be in six months or so
  • look cute! 

Fav moccis pic at HWM

We ordered our Moccis direct from the Moccis website (they offer international shipping) however this same style is available on Amazon UK, and they can be found in some specialist stores in Australia and the US.

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