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Montessori home spaces to love - March 2018

Today I'm sharing some Montessori home spaces that have touched me in some way. Some are beautiful and inspiring while other remind me of the importance of organisation and order. 

Above is just one image from the Montessori365 account which is calming and simple - never overwhelming. 

A child's organised kitchen space at Family Friendly Home.

A gorgeous kitchen space at The Curious Craft. In all areas of our homes, we can only work with what we have, just a little cupboard or a few drawers may be all the child needs. 

A well labeled and organised space at No Milk Today. My children's drawers never look this tidy, the labels and dividers would help a lot.

This is from Ghia's account, she is a mum to two. This is a good example of incorporating a little space for the child into the home environment. This space is for a seven-month-old child, I love her selection of materials too. 

This space - because beauty means different things to different people and I think this space is stunning and inspiring. A child-centered, nature-filled, beautiful space - what could be more Montessori? Also, this space because I absolutely love the print!  

 Finally, this space because it looks super comfortable for the young child!

I hope you've enjoyed these Montessori spaces as much as I have. 

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