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There are many women we want to recognise on a day like today, International Women's Day. For those in this space, there is a standout. One of Italy's first female doctors, a revolutionary, Maria Montessori. Maria Montessori we thank you for providing light and hope for children and women in the past, present and future. For those who are interested here is a Timeline of Maria Montessori's Life and Biography. This page has lots of good information too. I also want to pay tribute to other strong women educators, leaders and role models in our community including Montessori teachers. I... Read more →

"One of the most thrilling achievements for a child is learning to move himself through space to get to a desired object. Infants have many different ways of doing this—backwards, tummy on the ground, sideways, creeping, crawling, rolling, lifting tummy alternately with arms and legs. This is important work! Sometimes a child grunts or yells as he works, or falls asleep for a few seconds between “push-ups.” The child enjoys the process of experimenting and learning as much as he enjoys the final success of being able to crawl. We can help the child in this valuable work by not... Read more →

How do you clean and store your Montessori materials? Every month it's worth deep cleaning your materials and play spaces to keep them safe and in good working order. This includes running a damp cloth over dusty shelves and drawers. Here are a few other materials that could do with a clean! Schleich and similar model animals. You can involve your child in the process, however, a deep clean by an adult is a good idea every month depending if you've had any illnesses or if they have been used in the bath (watch for mould and soap scum), outside... Read more →

It's easy to think that Montessori parents obsess about the smallest things. But if you look at the philosophy as a whole, if you look at the big picture, it all makes sense. In Montessori, we give our children real things, real experiences and real tools. We often look for smaller versions which are easier for the child to use and to manipulate. We look for tools made from real materials. Cutlery, weaning or baby spoons are no exception. We want to offer the child real cutlery from the start. We want a weaning spoon that is small and easy... Read more →

How was your week? Ours was nothing short of amazing. We experienced a lot of snow, there was so much snow overnight the boys had to stay home from school today. We have a really child-friendly neighborhood and the children were able to play in the street all day (yay for free ranging kids!). Here are a few Montessori related articles that I've been enjoying this week. This has me thinking - Why We Use Only Natural Crayons (and You Should, too!) at Rainy Day Sunny Play. I love this gadget so much I ordered one straight away, the Grape... Read more →

Montessori environments including classrooms are known for being warm and home-like. But what if you have moved house or set up a new environment that has you feeling a little cold? Here are a few of the ways I've intentionally 'warmed up' some of our Montessori home environments. Most of these are super easy and quick to do. Add life, add a plant. Air plants, seedlings, propagate some plants, full grown indoor plants will instantly add warmth to your area. Plants can work really well in an infant area but be selective in toddler areas. I recently put a plant... Read more →

Otto is five months old so naturally, we are starting to think about weaning. We are starting to plan for weaning. It can be a really special time for the child, it's a time of separation and independence. It's a time of tremendous growth. Although we will take a relaxed approach, we will be prepared and have a plan! The Adult - Both parents need to be on the same page. Consistency is important. The adult needs to be prepared. Luckily after having three children, we feel like we know what we are doing and we will wean using a... Read more →