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Preparing for Weaning - at Five Months. Using the Montessori Approach.

How we Montessori Weaning Table

Otto is five months old so naturally, we are starting to think about weaning. We are starting to plan for weaning. It can be a really special time for the child, it's a time of separation and independence. It's a time of tremendous growth. Although we will take a relaxed approach, we will be prepared and have a plan!

The Adult - Both parents need to be on the same page. Consistency is important. The adult needs to be prepared. Luckily after having three children, we feel like we know what we are doing and we will wean using a Montessori approach. There will be lots of independent eating of family foods like in Baby-Led-Weaning but also spoon-feeding of soft foods and some puree. All while being child led and breastfeeding on demand. 

We will use a high chair for family meals such as breakfast and dinner. We use a tripp trapp so the child can get up and down independently when they are ready. Snacks and lunch will happen at the child's Weaning Table. 

Otto is already using the high chair for short periods of time and has been tasting lots of our foods. I've been giving him some soft banana or avocado (from my toast), often on my finger or on a spoon. My husband has been giving him juice and the soft parts of his strawberries and raspberries. Caspar has been sneaking him a taste of his yogurt at breakfast. How sensitive are babies to order? Otto will only take yogurt from Caspar and only from Caspar's spoon! Caspar may have to lead Otto's feeding at breakfast time.  

The Child - We are looking for and have noticed lots of signs that Otto is ready for solids. He is sitting independently in his high chair for short periods only. He is able to move food around in his mouth and will swallow mushy and soft foods. He can bring small pieces of food to his mouth, like small soft bread crumbs. He is reaching for our foods and will grab it if it comes close enough. He watches while we eat and mimics our mouth movements. 

The Environment - Bibs, place setting including place-mat, napkins and cleaning cloths, small real utensils, glass bowl and cup, high chair and weaning table and chair. We are set to go! Have I forgotten anything?

I will give you an update when we really begin solids in the next couple of weeks! 

How we Montessori Weaning Table

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