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Weekend Montessori Reading - Links and Things

Otis baking #1

How was your week? Otto has been teething, so there hasn't been a lot of sleep going on around here. On a positive note, it's now Spring and the school holidays start next week! Here are a few articles that I've been enjoying.

You may know that I've been looking for realistic story/picture books about squirrels, something suitable for young babies and toddlers, Amanda left a comment suggesting Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep, and it is the best! It is illustrated by Steven Jenkins, the rhyme is perfect and it captures the mischievous nature of the squirrels very well!

Otis baking #2

I've included some pictures of Otis' most recent baking adventures just to remind you that baking with children gets easier (he is six and can do all of this independently) but there is still some letting go involved, it's not perfect! (He has a mini bakers subscription, these are hot cross cupcakes for Easter).

Otis baking #2

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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