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What we are reading - a few new books. March 2018.

What we are reading March 2018 HWM

Today I'm sharing some of the books we've been enjoying recently!

Otto - six months

When I search for Montessori baby books, the same titles keep on coming up. It could be because these are the tried and true and it could be because we aren't reviewing new baby books. Books like Priddy's First 100 Words will never go out of fashion in Montessori homes - the clear realistic images on plain backgrounds, of every day objects, is just perfect. The whole Priddy series is fantastic.

Another series that I love for babies is the DK Baby Touch and Feel Books. Again it's the clear images on the plain background that I appreciate. Also, many of these focus on every day objects or common animals. 

Otto has just turned six months old so he is past a lot of the black and white baby books. I need to emphasize that Otto listens to a lot of his brothers' books, he listens to Otis read his school readers every night and most nights he listens to me read a bedtime book to Otis. It's great for babies to be exposed to a wide range of language. 

Most often Otto only has three books in his book basket but will also have a single book on his low shelves in his room or in the living area and will often have a book or two next to my bed or even next to his brothers' beds.

What books are we currently reading with Otto?

For Otto, reading time isn't really about the books, it's about language, it's about sitting together, holding, the stillness, the comfort, it's the sweet little gurgling noises he makes as he tries to copy our words. Otto and I love watching the playful squirrels in our yard, please let me know about any realistic, lifelike board books about squirrels suitable for babies or early toddlers.

Otis - six years

Otis is very busy reading school readers every night. He has a little notebook that has written in it what book he is reading, what page he is up to and any words he needs help with. Every night I read the comments and write in the book which gets passed back to his teacher. This little book is an invaluable communication tool and I wish we had used something similar at our previous schools. Previously I was told what words or sounds he was learning only if I asked, so follow up at home was difficult. His reading has never progressed so fast and his confidence is at an all-time high. This reading at home is not compulsory but naturally, most parents do it most, if not all nights, and is the only homework asked of or given to his Year Two class. Otis also loves to read to his younger brother. 

One of his new books that we are all absolutely loving is The Little Book of Night-Time Animal Sounds because the sounds are SO lifelike, they must be real recordings, the facts are new to us and interesting and the boys get so much enjoyment from it. I had always wondered what a Badger sounds like! 

Kylie - parenting 

I'm not driving very much here as we walk to school and I am not listening to the same volume of audio books that I had been in Brisbane. I love The Montessori Toddler, it is comprehensive without being overwhelming, it can be read from front to back or you can just pick it up midway through and get some fresh ideas. If you have read it and/or want some additional support in creating a Montessori home, Simone, the author of The Montessori Toddler is starting one of her e-courses this Monday 12th March but registrations close Sunday! Simone is a leader in this industry because she communicates with parents so clearly. I have done this course and highly recommend it, even if you have an infant now, it's worth thinking about for the future. 

With the snow storm we experienced last week I have been revisiting many of the concepts in my 2017 favourite There's No Such Thing As Bad Weather. Another book that is worth sharing is A Life Less Throwaway. It has actually changed my purchasing habits and thought processes, it's about buying less but better quality and it contains practical advice on how to shop (including brands) but also how to maintain and look after the things you have - I love that! It's actually changed the way that I wash my clothes too! 

Please feel free to share any good books in the comments. It's Friday night here and I've already done the grocery shopping for the weekend and caught up on the laundry! I hope you have a lovely weekend! 

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