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Where to find Montessori Infant Materials - around the world.

Montessori Infant Materials at How we Montessori

It's always difficult to find the Montessori materials you are looking for in a store near you. So many Montessori infant materials are handmade, finding them is often dependant on finding an Assistant to Infancy trained guide near you. 

Many materials can be DIYed so if you are interested, have a search or let me know, I might be able to find a tutorial for you. In a lot of locations, Etsy is a good place to start. As always, do your research and know what you are looking for, not all times listed as 'Montessori' are recommended or fit within the philosophy. If you are unsure about a piece of material, contact the store first and ask some questions, hopefully, you will get someone trained in Montessori who can offer some advice. I know a lot of store owners and they are fabulous people who are very generous with their time and Montessori knowledge! A lot of these stores stock Montessori materials for toddlers and older children too. 


I Am Montessori- Imbucare Boxes, Stacking Materials, some Puzzles.

The Kid Specialist* - Interlocking Discs, Rattles, Stacking Materials. 

Montessori Australia* - Imbucare Boxes, Infant Bell Rattle, Interlocking Discs, Teething Ball, some Rattles, Egg and Cup, Simple Shape Puzzles, (Neinhaus/school quality).

A2Z Montessori - Imbucare Boes, Interlocking Discs, Egg and Cup, some Rattles (not everything listed would be recommended Montessori material). 

Think Education - Cube Chair, Teething Ball (this store is generally for schools).

Montessori Child - very few infant materials, some Rattles, (worth browsing as stock may vary). 


New Zealand 

Montessori Shop* - Imbucare Boxes, Interlocking Discs, Puzzles, Stacking Materials (if you are in Australia this might be a good option too). 



PinkHouse Handworks* - Crochet Rattles, Egg and Cup, Interlocking Discs. 

Essential Montessori - Mobiles, Rattles, Interlocking Discs, Egg and Cup, Ball and Bell Cylinders. 

Handmade Montessori- Some Mobiles, Placemat. 

HeirLoomKidsUSA - Bell and Ball Cylinders, Palmar and Pincer Blocks, Simple Puzzles, Interlocking Discs Stacking Materials and more. 

TopponcinonMore* - Topponcinos, Gobbi Mobiles, Grasping Beads. 

BabyBurrows* - Topponcinos, Butterfly Mobile. 

Michael Olaf- Topponcino, Grasping Materials, Weaning Table, some Mobiles, Placemats. 

Alison's Montessori - Some Rattles, Imbucare Boxes, Stacking Materials, Simple Puzzles. 

For Small Hands - Some Rattles and Grasping Materials, Suitable Board Books. 

Skyflight Mobiles* - Whale, Butterfly, and Bird Mobiles. 



Beginning Montessori* - Stacking Material, Egg and Cup, Interlocking Discs, Bell and Ball Cylinders.

E&O Montessori - Imbucare Boxes, Simple Puzzles, Stacking Materials. 


UK & Europe 

Manine Montessori* - Rattles, Puzzle Ball, Montessori Mobiles, Interlocking Discs, Bell and Ball Cylinders, Palmar and Pincer Grasp Blocks and more. 

Bunny and Bella - Mobiles, Interlockings Discs, some Rattles. 

Absorbent Minds* - Rattles, Sorting Materials, Simple Puzzles, Stacking Materials, Imbucare Boxes (includes some Nienhuis, great for ideas even when browsing).

KhadineDECO* - Weaning Sets. 

Montessori Design by Nuccia - Egg and Cup, Stacking Materials, Imbucare Boxes, Simple Puzzles, Infant Bell, Interlockings Discs, Montessori Placemats (lots of Nienhuis). 

LESekShop* - Weaning Table (to Montessori specifications). 

MimiaMontessori* - Placemats, Puzzle Ball.

KIDOBO - Imbucare Boxes, Stacking and Threading Materials, Ring Return, Simple Puzzles, Interlocking Discs (in the Ukraine).

Pruefl - Imbucare Boxes, Bell Rattle, Egg and Cup, Interlocking Discs and more (in Germany, lots of Nienhuis). 



M.Vita* - Mobiles, Interlocking Discs, Puzzle Ball (if you are in Australia this might be a good option). 

A Little Montessori - this account is private but you may want to make contact if you are in the Philippines. 


If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask. While living in the UK I've ordered from many stores throughout Europe and I've never had a problem, so far shipping from around the EU has only been a few days to a week, in some cases my orders have arrived in two days and within the EU there is no customs tax. 

While living in Australia I have ordered from Canada, USA and New Zealand, delivery costs can vary and placing a large order with friends can help. Shipping from the US is often 3-4 weeks. This is not an exhaustive list, there are a few materials, a few bits and pieces you can find elsewhere and of course, there may be stores that I don't know about, it's very hard for me to research non-English speaking stores. There are also many, many toy stores, school supply stores and other variety stores that stock materials suitable for a Montessori home. 

Other useful articles:

 = stores that I have personally ordered from. If you would like to add your store to this list please send me a message. 

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