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Mainstream Baby Toys we use in our Montessori home.

Mainstream baby toys and materials at How we Montessori

There is no substitute for good Montessori materials, however, let's not be too precious about it, most of us have mainstream toys in our homes too. Today I am sharing some of the mainstream baby toys we have and are currently using. All of these have been carefully selected, but from Amazon or from other popular online toy retailers. They don't take the place of Montessori infant materials but each has a specific purpose, each brings something to the child. Most of these are suitable for 3-6 months+. Plan Toys, Grimm's and Brio are some of our favourite mainstream toy brands although I'm still careful about assessing the value and attributes of each toy.

For around 3-6 months+:

Manhattan Toy Skwish

Plan Toys Roller

Brio Multicoloured Bell Rattle

Grimm's Wooden Rainbow Beads Ring Grasper (UK)

Grasping Beads

Natural Rubber Rainbow Sensory Ball 

HEVEA Star Ball

Silicone Baby Teether  

Cam Cam Grab Ball (Puzzle Ball) (UK)

Flensted Mobile - Five Balloons

Skyflight Mobile - Black and White Whale Mother and Baby and Butterflies

Wee Gallery Black and White Art Cards

Around six months+:

Plan Toys Solid Wood Drum

Wonderworld Rainbow Sensory Blocks

Wonderworld Peek-A-Boo Blue Ball

Grimm's Friends in Boat (UK)

Grimm's Classic Rainbow Blocks (green cube blocks shown in basket above)

There are still a few other mainstream toys that we have but I wouldn't especially recommend. I am sure there are lots of other good mainstream toys that we don't have or know about. 

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Please feel free to share your favourite mainstream toy brands or baby toys!

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