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My new Ikea favourite - the Pleja Basket

Ikea art basket at HWM

Have you been to Ikea recently? I know it's a favourite with a lot of Montessori families. I haven't been to Ikea for months, perhaps even a year. We're not close to a store here but there is always Ikea online.  

I needed to order some new picture frames so I took a look around and fell in love with the new Pleja basket. They are so handy and work well as a larger type of caddy (you can also slightly move around the black dividers).

In most Montessori homes families will want to organise their children's materials on shelves but a caddy makes things portable. We don't have a dedicated art area, Otis was using a few old cube shelves and a coffee table but now Otto is crawling he is grabbing everything and the coffee table (and cube shelves) are no longer an option. So our basket works well for Otis to take his art supplies and work at the dining table. We have such a small space we can store the rest of our art materials in a cupboard and Otis has out what he needs. 

Children's art basket at How we Montessori

The basket could be used as a children's cleaning caddy (dustpan, cleaning cloths, window washing tools, little spray bottle), gardening caddy (gloves, tools, seeds, small watering can, garden labels) for storing kitchen supplies and even for the bathroom or for next to the potty. 

Black Ikea Pleja basket as natural nappy basket at HWM

My first thought and one of the ways we use the basket is for our nappy change station. We often use it upstairs and downstairs so I love that we can move it around easily. It's more organised than our previous nappy basket and weirdly I love feeling more organised. 

Ikea basket for children's art supplies at HWM

I also love using a basket or caddy to take materials outside. This works perfectly as a little Nature Discover basket for Otis!

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