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What is a Montessori Weaning Set - and how we use it.

O's weaning set at HWM

In the past I've made my own bibs and Montessori placemats but this time I've picked up a Montessori weaning set.  I thought I would share with you what is in it and how we are using it!

First, pictured above is our little snack or food preparation station. When Otto is walking I envisage him collecting his own bowl, spoon and things and set up his table for snack or lunch. We are using;

We use all glass as it's easier for the child to see what is in the bowl or pitcher. The cleanup towels have a toweling back and are really soft, often we use them with Otto as napkins to clean his face or hands but they can also be used to clean the table and chair.

Otto's weaning set at HWM at six months

Montessori weaning sets are often made during the Montessori Assistant to Infancy training. This means that if you find one available for sale you may be supporting a teacher or someone who has completed the Montessori training. It also means you may be getting a set designed to the exact Montessori specifications. One of the reasons I ordered this set is because it was so neat and I loved the design. This set pictured has been used for almost a month and has been washed, ironed and also often put in the dryer, it still looks great.

Montessori placemat with set at How we Montessori

The Montessori weaning set contains;

  • a bib that does up on the side with velcro,
  • a hand embroidered placemat with outlines for fork, spoon, bowl and, glass, 
  • two square cloth napkins and 
  • cloth pouch. 

The idea with the bib is that when the child is slightly older they can put it on or take it off themselves, more so than with a bib that does up at the back or with ties. I made all of Otis' (my second son) bibs like this. The cloth pouch keeps the set together, makes it easy to store or take out with you, the pouch could also serve as a small tablecloth when fully opened up. 

Ottos weaning set at six months at How we Montessori

Importantly I also want to share the bib that Otto uses most often (pictured above). It has elastic around the neck meaning he can almost get it off himself! Soon he will also be able to put it on. This is great for his independence but also for him to be a part of the process and being able to say, yes I'm ready to eat and put it on or to take it off when he is finished. It has toweling on the back and it absorbs so much, even his spilled water from his weaning glass. If he has been really messy when we take the bib off we often use the toweling on the back (it's really soft) to wipe his hands and face. The toweling bib and cleanup cloths are c/o KhadineDECO. Otto's cutlery is c/o Kiddobloom

I know I've shared a little about our weaning journey so far but please feel free to ask questions. Otto uses his weaning table for lunch and often for an early dinner. He sits on his high chair (we use the Tripp Trapp) at the table with the family for breakfast and for dinner, if he is still awake, or if we eat early enough. His diet is still primarily breast milk. Weaning the Montessori way is child led and involves lots of culturally relevant and family foods but is not entirely baby-led weaning, you can read my comparison chart here

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