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Ever since I can remember I have loved indoor plants. It's easier and more affordable to propagate plants and sometimes to share cuttings rather than buy plants new. By propagating plants I've also developed a love for growing plants in water. After having children I've discovered how well they work in children's spaces, not only their learning space but throughout the house! Plants growing in water: Add a 'living' element to the child's space without the hassle of a typical indoor plant. Will show children what roots look like, not through a lesson or presentation but through the child simply... Read more →

Last week a reader, Rochelle asked if we made our dried oranges for our sensory basket. I bought the dried orange and lime as part of a natural discovery resource set. However, I really feel this should be easy enough to do at home, so we gave it ago. You can see our store bought dried lemon and lime in the top left picture here. I bought a whole range of oranges, limes and lemons. With a sharp knife, I made eight cuts down the side of the fruit leaving half an inch or so from the top and from... Read more →

How was your week? Our week went really fast. Caspar and Otis had their school sports day on Thursday and it was amazing. The British really know how to do sports day. There was so much bunting and the sports fields were pristine. Next week they have half term break, which is a week holiday in the middle of the term, it's such a good idea. In Australia, the terms are 8-10 weeks with no break. Here are five things I've been enjoying this week: Creating a Culture of Handwork in a Montessori Environment at Montessori Handwork. I love these... Read more →

At eight months Otto is: Exploring the nature basket - includes dried orange and lime, large shell, various large gumnuts and seedpods. Enjoying finger play and nursery rhymes - he is trying to do the incy wincy spider with his fingers. Loving the Object permanence box (c/o Montessori Shop). Starting to use the Pincer Grasp Block. Starting to pull up on the walker wagon, he has taken one step but for now, he mostly pulls up on it. Also pulling up on the Pikler Arch (c/o Wiwiurka). A few other materials that he is using right now: Egg and Cup... Read more →

Ten of the best Science Instagram accounts to follow for parents.

If you are a bit of a science buff or if you just want to surprise your kids with some weird and wonderful facts, here are ten of the best science Instagram accounts to follow! 1. National Geographic! As you would expect the imagery is amazing, wonderful to share with your children. I also follow National Geographic UK. 2. The CSIRO Australia. For science and research related posts. 3. NASA. For images of space and details about space exploration. Also, have a look at the NASA Hubble Space Telescope and NASA Climate Change. 4. American Museum of Natural History. The... Read more →

Over the years both Caspar (10 years) and Otis (7 years) have been asked to work on their handwriting, to make it neater, to make it conform. When Otis moved from Cycle One to Cycle Two his teacher was concerned about the time he took to write, he was and still is, a very slow writer. It's not that he doesn't have the words, it just takes him longer to get the words onto paper. This unease about the children's writing (by their teachers) has in some way made my children reluctant to write, they will write they just don't... Read more →

As I was writing about the weaning table yesterday, I was reminded how important choice is even for the youngest child. My youngest is eight months old and my eldest is ten years old and choice is so important for both of them. We want our children to be active learners not, passive observers. How do we achieve this? We involve them in all facets of everyday living, we give them freedom within limits, we offer them as much choice as possible. For an infant, this could include freedom of movement, a choice to crawl, sit or lie down. We... Read more →

We have moved around Otto's weaning table and chair a lot. It was in his our dining area and now it's in a corner space in our kitchen. Otto is now messier with his eating and as he can sit unaided, we've decided it's best that he eats (mostly) in the kitchen. I always just keep on moving things around until I find a way that works! We have also found a lovely rhythm. In the mornings after we have dropped his brothers at school, we go into the kitchen where I will empty the dishwasher or put on washing... Read more →

I really want to share with you our weather station, using child-sized real tools. I've spent some time researching 'Montessori' or 'child weather station', or 'Montessori weather unit' and most of the results have been either three-part card work or felt/card weather stations. The lovely felt or card weather stations might be fine for toddlers but a child from four or five can read a large children's thermometer, why not offer it to them. One of our previous Montessori schools had a large child's thermometer outside the children's house door (3-6 years), many of the children would, with interest, check... Read more →

Montessori and mindfulness go hand in hand. If you are practicing Montessori in the home or at school, it's likely that you are practicing mindfulness. I haven't read many (adult) books since having Otto last September. I actually missed the release of this book but I'm so pleased that I finally ordered and read it. This is my kind of Montessori book, it's authentic and true to the child. One of the obvious reasons that I enjoyed it is because it touches on the essence of Montessori, the connection between the child and their environment, the environment that supports and... Read more →

I love window shopping and browsing online. The thing is, I love Montessori, I love Montessori materials and materials for a Montessori home no matter the age of my own children. Here are a few materials that are new in stores that I think are just lovely!! Perhaps they might just inspire ... Apple Apron - perfect for at home or for apple activities at school. We know that beautiful environments and materials can inspire the child, make every day materials in your home (and school) beautiful. Modern apple prints always appeal to me. Sage Green Pitcher, Tub and, Bucket... Read more →

Image: Montessori Eesti: Estonian Montessori Community Today I'm sharing some Montessori and related articles that I've enjoyed this week: This is a pretty amazing list, although I don't think using cloth nappies is too difficult. Raising Kids in a Zero Waste Family at Mother. 8 Proven ways To Foster A Happy Sibling Relationship at Montessori Family. Fill In Your Classroom Transition Times with 10 Classical Music Activities including 10 classical music pieces that children will enjoy at the Magical Movement Company - Montessori Music and The Arts. 5 Must Have Ikea Products For Your Montessori Environment at Chronicles of a... Read more →

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 If you have a child at or around the same age as mine (7 months) you might be tempted to use a baby walker. In some families, baby walkers and bouncers are essential baby items. So what is the issue? The child must be placed in the walker and cannot get in or out of it independently. This takes away the child's right to free movement and independence. Not developmentally appropriate, most often these are used before the child is ready to walk, forcing the child into an unnatural... Read more →

I've been looking for some cute new tees for the boys. I love all of these but especially the first two for Otis. All of these have a Montessori, nature or a homeschooing theme. What's not to love? go outside and play / tree hugger nature lover / Wild + Free Grace & Courtesy / Montessori Education for Peace / Montessori Kid The Pink Tower / I am. I can. I ought. I will. - Charlotte Mason / Mother Nature is my teacher If you make or know of a cute Montessori tee supplier please feel free to comment or... Read more →

Have you tried nature journalling with children? It can be frustrating when our expectations aren't in check. I'm here to say let go, keep it simple and allow your children the freedom to use their nature journal as they like. Why? What are the benefits to the child? Allows the child to slow down, breathe, relax, refocus, it can calm a busy mind. Encourages observation - observing the big picture to the small detail. Use senses such as sight, sound, smell and touch. Helps to create a connection to the natural environment. Can assist in self-expression. Promotes creativity. "Many people... Read more →