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Five Things on a Friday - Montessori Weekend Reading

Five things on a Friday  Montessori reading 25 May 2018

How was your week? Our week went really fast. Caspar and Otis had their school sports day on Thursday and it was amazing. The British really know how to do sports day. There was so much bunting and the sports fields were pristine. Next week they have half term break, which is a week holiday in the middle of the term, it's such a good idea. In Australia, the terms are 8-10 weeks with no break. Here are five things I've been enjoying this week:

  1. Creating a Culture of Handwork in a Montessori Environment at Montessori Handwork. I love these suggestions that would work at home as well as in a school environment: use small moments, use handwork to build community and educate your parent community! 
  2. Four Year Old Montessori Style Room at Kukumag. I am having trouble translating this, it's in Polish but the pictures are AMAZING, don't miss it, there is so much detail in this room! 
  3. Wondering what Montessori is? at the Montessori Notebook - this is a lovely video by Simone and is perfect for sharing with friends and family especially if you have your children in a Montessori school and you want to share with them how Montessori is different and how it works. 
  4. Microscope Jars for preschool science centres at No Time for Flashcards. Fantastic idea, my children would love this. 
  5. This weaning table at mamamonia - using the Ikea LATT kids table with shortened legs. When Otis was a toddler I used a hand saw all the time, I shortened not only his weaning table but chair legs and even the legs on his easel, it's an affordable way to make children's furniture better suit a toddler and you can make it the exact size/height you want.

6. is a picture of our dining table, Otis is going through another minibeast interest (mainly minibeasts and their habitats) and is making a lovely mess with these woodland and minibeast stencils, he is using them with paint and a sponge and brush.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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