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Montessori at Eight Months

Montessori at Eight Months at How we Montessori May 2018

At eight months Otto is:

  • Exploring the nature basket - includes dried orange and lime, large shell, various large gumnuts and seedpods. 
  • Enjoying finger play and nursery rhymes - he is trying to do the incy wincy spider with his fingers. 
  • Loving the Object permanence box (c/o Montessori Shop).
  • Starting to use the Pincer Grasp Block.
  • Starting to pull up on the walker wagon, he has taken one step but for now, he mostly pulls up on it. 
  • Also pulling up on the Pikler Arch (c/o Wiwiurka). 

A few other materials that he is using right now:

Otto pulling up on Pikler arch at How we Montessori at eight months

At eight months Otto can crawl, pull to standing and climb one stair. Otto is much more into movement than Otis was at the same age. We also use food and self-feeding to help develop fine motor skills and the pincer grasp. You can see the Montessori materials and traditional toys that Otis used at Eight Months by Otis here.

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