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Montessori Floor (and low) Bed Ideas

Today I'm sharing a few floor beds and Montessori rooms from Instagram. I'm not completely happy with Otto's Montessori bedroom (it still feels a little cold) so I'm looking for a few more ideas and inspiration. Some of these are of beds only, just because I like looking.

Above it's all about the linen, texture and colour. It looks so very comfortable and cozy. 

Sprout is offering good design and a good price. This bed isn't in production just yet but you can express an interest on their site. 

 Nice layout and use of rugs for texture and colour. I adore these Woodly beds (made in Italy). 

Cute bed.

 I feel the warmth here, this room feels cozy while being completely age and developmentally appropriate. 

This room is more my style, it is bright, colourful and still Montessori! 

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