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It was a long weekend here and the weather has been gorgeous. Today I'm sharing some images from the last week or so. Just a few everyday moments. Above Caspar and Otis made some leaf paintings. They traced the outline of these leaves and then tried to paint them in the same colours. The colours of these leaves are amazing. Another everyday moment - watching basil roots grow! Otis' sea stone collection from our beach holiday. I love this image because it shows how well mirrors can work in the child's learning environment. All that grating and juicing as a... Read more →

We recently discovered Earthtiles, they are really lovely natural and wooden magnetic tiles. They are so nice to use, they don't come in overbearing colours and are so warm and earthy. "Open-ended toys spark imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills. Kids learn to understand spatial relationships and even the fundamentals of geometry. There is also something about wood that makes Earthtiles really comforting for kids to touch and hold." - Earthtiles Co-Creator Kristin Rho. "We all love our kids and it didn't make sense to us to make toys that harmed the environment in which they will live for the rest... Read more →

Toddler Rocking Chair / Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair / FunPod Kitchen Helper / Child's Play Table How often do you shop second hand? It's something we should do more often. As I travel around England I have become fond of looking for Montessori (home) treasures in vintage and second-hand stores. It's also a good reminder not to hoard or keep unwanted items, why not donate them or sell them online so another family can enjoy them? Second-hand items obviously reduce waste and packaging and can be much more affordable than buying new. There are lots of other benefits too,... Read more →

Montessori Floor (and low) Bed Ideas

Today I'm sharing a few floor beds and Montessori rooms from Instagram. I'm not completely happy with Otto's Montessori bedroom (it still feels a little cold) so I'm looking for a few more ideas and inspiration. Some of these are of beds only, just because I like looking. Above it's all about the linen, texture and colour. It looks so very comfortable and cozy. Sprout is offering good design and a good price. This bed isn't in production just yet but you can express an interest on their site. Nice layout and use of rugs for texture and colour. I... Read more →

Here are four activity ideas that we love in our Montessori home. All of these are for Otto who is seven months old. However, all could be enjoyed by a much older baby and even toddlers. Make music! Above is our music basket. We have a couple of large baskets like this which are perfect for largish or grouped materials. You could easily present only one or two instruments in a basket on your shelves, but as a family and also when friends come over we love this big basket. We have lots of rattles and generally things that will... Read more →

This post was due to be published on Friday however we decided to take a road trip and I ended up going screen free Friday and all weekend. We had the most relaxing time and found ourselves driving almost the length of England. This picture is from Morecambe in Lancashire, it has an amazing coastline. We are starting to feel settled here in the UK and are looking forward to doing a little more traveling. Anyway, here are a few articles that I've been enjoying: This whole site is inspiring - 1000 Hours Outside. Still on the outdoors theme -... Read more →