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Ten of the best Science Instagram accounts to follow for parents.

If you are a bit of a science buff or if you just want to surprise your kids with some weird and wonderful facts, here are ten of the best science Instagram accounts to follow!

1. National Geographic! As you would expect the imagery is amazing, wonderful to share with your children. I also follow National Geographic UK.

2. The CSIRO Australia. For science and research related posts.

3. NASA. For images of space and details about space exploration. Also, have a look at the NASA Hubble Space Telescope and NASA Climate Change.

4. American Museum of Natural History. The Natural History Museum in London is good to follow too! 

5. WWF UK. I also follow the WWF Global. The animals and scenery are gorgeous.

6. Kew Royal Botanical Gardens. Lots of lovely detailed plant photographs and interesting facts!

7. Mars Curiosity for updates from the Curiosity Rover on Mars. 

8. The Cloud Appreciation Society - to touch up your knowledge about clouds!

9. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to look at images of volcanoes erupting and so much more.

10. International Space Station (ISS) for absolutely amazing images from space.  

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I hope you've enjoyed these. I would love to hear about your favourite science Instagram accounts, who do you follow?

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