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I love window shopping and browsing online. The thing is, I love Montessori, I love Montessori materials and materials for a Montessori home no matter the age of my own children. Here are a few materials that are new in stores that I think are just lovely!! Perhaps they might just inspire ... 

  1. Apple Apron - perfect for at home or for apple activities at school. We know that beautiful environments and materials can inspire the child, make every day materials in your home (and school) beautiful. Modern apple prints always appeal to me. 
  2. Sage Green Pitcher, Tub and, Bucket - I adore this colour! These are sold individually, however, look lovely together. Perfect for home or school, the tub in particular could be used for lots of practical life work or even messy arts. I'm going to keep my eyes open for a similar tub and pitcher for a toddler hand washing station. 
  3. Shells with Matching Cards - it is entirely possible to make these yourself, includes shells with three part cards, a photo of the shell in the natural environment and a paragraph about each shell, so much detail. (Also available at Montessori Services.)
  4. Rocks with Matching Cards - similar to the shell set, contains rocks with three part cards, photos of where the rocks might be found and a paragraph about how the rock were formed and might be used. These are suitable for school or at home if you have a child really interested in rocks. (Also available at Montessori Services.)
  5. Seasons Mat - a new and stunning seasons mat including seasons labels, can be used with a sun to use for celebrations (such as birthdays) and a globe to demonstrate the effect of the Earth's tile on the Sun's rays on Earth. The illustrations depict plant an animal life in each season. 
  6. Rock Cycle Mat -  as I have a child who loves rocks and volcanos, I found this such a great example with lots of ideas on how to explore the rock cycle. Contains rock cycle mat and so much more; fact file cards, rock cycle arrows, rock identification materials, grammar labels and storage boxes. I also love the details in the new Water Cycle Mat.
  7. The Montessori Toddler - Simone's (from The Montessori Notebook) new book now available online.
  8. World Architecture - a new download, perhaps for a geography unit, perhaps for a little world traveler or perhaps as pictures for the wall. Includes 32 cards with labels of photographic images of iconic architecture from around the world. 
  9. Animal Skeletons - another new download. This is well suited to the home environment, it's easy to make and it may not duplicate any work done at (Montessori) school. The set includes 14 animal and 14 skeleton cards (with or without labels). My children also love these "who am I" new Animal Stories which can be a lot of fun, after doing these activities at school they would often come home and write their own!

I have just finished reading what might be my most favourite book for Montessori teachers and parents, I'll share more tomorrow.

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