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DIY Children's Home Science Kit

Kids Home Science Kit at HWM 2018

Where do you keep all of your children's science supplies? We were keeping them in the kitchen, but then it started to get weird. Having shaving cream and pipettes on Otis' kitchen shelves didn't seem right. It's easy to have these things placed around the home but because of my children's current interests, I like to keep them together, keep them well stocked and in one easily accessible place. So we've put together a little Children's Home Science Kit. 

You can start to put items together from toddlerhood, like shaving cream, pipettes and food colouring or bicarbonate of soda. The list is endless however if you know your children's interests it is possible to keep the basics on hand. When you have the basic materials already at home it makes science more accessible, it's easier to do, rather than going out and buying everything from scratch and it's easy to find everything in one spot. It has also helped to set limits on what materials the children can use if they want to make a volcano they need to use their own vinegar, if they want to raid our kitchen supplies they need to ask first.

Here is what we currently have in our Children's Home Science Kit:


〉Permanent marker


〉Glue - in bulk for making slime


〉Food colouring

〉Dishwashing liquid

〉Olive oil

〉Shaving cream



〉Mini marshmallows


〉Bicarbonate of soda

〉Cream of tartar

〉Rock salt

〉Diet cola

〉Small torch

〉Measuring cups



〉Camera - this is optional, we don't always keep it in the science kit. 

A few other items to consider include a stopwatch, magnifying glass, rubber bands, ruler, craft sticks, small spray bottle, card, tape and safety goggles, There are a few materials that I keep out of the children's reach, however for the most part, the children can start setting up their experiments independently.

Children's Home Science kit at How we Montessori

Once the children are familiar with a few experiments they can look at the materials they have and start to explore and make up their own experiments. We also have a rule that you cannot eat (or drink) anything from the science kit, it helps to keep science and our food separate.

I love this idea to give a book and children's DIY science kit as a gift. In case you missed it, you can find our list of favourite science experiment books for children here.

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