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Five Things on a Friday - Montessori Weekend Reading

Five Things on a Friday 1 June 2018 at How we Montessori

We have done a little bit of traveling this week as our older boys were on half term break. We hope to visit Stonehenge over the weekend, we also might try to visit Avebury which is in the same area. Let me know if you have any tips or suggestions for visiting these sites! Here are five things I've been enjoying this week:

  1. It's not Montessori but I love following the Botanical Collective playgroup on Instagram, they have a lot of wonderful outdoor activities. Their use of outdoor materials is inspiring. (They are based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, look them up if you are local!).
  2. It's never too early to teach children about bees - they are that important! Montessori Inspired Bee Activities for Toddlers at My Little Keepers. 
  3. 10 Books Featuring Children of Colour as recommended by Our Montesstory. 
  4. The cutest dog and puppy matching activity at Ananda Montessori. I am going to remember this for when Otto is old enough. 
  5. Anna has three really good Montessori DIYs for infants at Eltern Vom Mars (I'd suggest for children ten to twelve months+). 

6. We are still following Otis' interest in minibeasts, we recently found this Illuminated Mini Beast Centre that lights up at night (it is solar powered!) and it has little doors on the side so that you can capture the minibeasts, observe them and then safely release them. It works wonderfully and it looks so cute in our garden at night. Today I've been working on a fun DIY, I'll try to take some photos to show you on Monday, I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I have! I hope you have a lovely weekend.