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Fresh Montessori Shelf and Activity Ideas - Infant and Toddler

Who doesn't love a good Montessori shelfie? There is always lots of new ideas to be found when taking a peek into other people's homes. Here are a few Montessori infant and toddler shelves full of interesting materials. 

The above-pictured shelves are for a 10 month old, which is useful as my youngest is now nine months, it's good to look ahead. This family is based in the UK.

These are shelves for a one-year-old. The thing that I take away from these shelves is that all the materials add something, they are all purposeful, there is nothing superfluous - just how it should be. This is my absolute favorite account to follow for Montessori infant ideas. 

This is from Pamela's Montessori playgroup. See how the shelves have lots of space on them, they aren't crowded like so many others. The next couple of shelves are from classes and these are useful as the materials will appeal to a wider group/wider age range of children. Keep in mind these have been designed by Montessori guides, who are trained in Montessori.  

These are Peta's shelves in Australia, also a baby toddler playgroup which is based on Montessori but also has RIE elements.   

Another shelf from a Montessori playgroup, this one is in Berlin, Germany. 

 This shelf is from a family in the Philippines. A simple shelf with order and carefully selected materials. 

I'm not sure what I like about these shelves, perhaps it's the natural materials and the simplicity. 

The main lesson here is that less is more and order is key. It's also interesting to note which materials you see the most, there are lots of ring stacking toys and Object Permanence trays. I hope you've enjoyed these Montessori shelves as much as I have!  

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