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Hammering and Pounding Toys for the Montessori Baby, 10-18 months+.

Pounding and hammering toys for the Montessori baby 9-18 months at How we Montessori*

I'm starting to think about pounding and hammering toys for Otto (nine months) and I'm also starting to get some ideas for his first birthday! We have the Hammer Game with Balls (#3), c/o Manine Montessori). A few of my Montessori friends have used the Plan Toys Miracle Pounding toy (#5) and have recommended it to us. Otis used the Melissa and Doug Pound and Roll Tower (#9) in his Montessori toddler class and loved it so much we got it at home, he used it for almost a year, it was so worth the money. I'm also loving the look of Goki Hammer Ball Track (#7) and the Plan Toys Pounding Toy (#8). My boys have used the ball pounding toys more than their peg hammering toys but it's still something I'm considering for Otto.

The benefits of hammering and pounding toys include hand-eye coordination, building arm strength, concentration and focus. We've found them a lot of fun too. Some of these (#1, #4 and #6) also assist with understanding object permanence. 

1. Oxybul Hammering Bench / Banc à marteler

2. Plan Toys Hammer Balls

3. Manine Montessori Hammer Game with Balls

4. Plan Toys Punch and Drop 

5. Plan Toys Miracle Pounding

6. Absorbent Minds Object Permanence Ball Push

7. Goki Hammer Ball Track

8. Plan Toy Pounding Toy

9. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Wooden Tower (Australia here

10. Bajo Hammering Board

11. Hape Little Pounder

12. Goki Hammering Bench (Australia here)

13. Wooden Story Pound A Peg (Australia here)

14. Plan Toys Pounding Bench

Let me know if any of these are your children's favourite! 

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