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There are so many good and inspiring materials available on Etsy. It's easy to find natural learning and Montessori style activities for your children. I often find ideas on Etsy that I can DIY or gift ideas that I can put away for later. Best of all these materials are made by hand often by teachers or parents. Here are a few Etsy finds that I am loving, buying and DIYing! 1. Children's Ornithology, Naturalist, Nature Study, Loose Parts Kit - This would be a great way to start a nature table or bird/egg/nest themed exploration area with lots of... Read more →

Have you tried a stacking toy with your little one? They are very popular but most stacking toys given to children look a little like this or like this, with graduated rings. There is a simpler stacking toy to start with, that can be used by the sitting infant to help them develop concentration and coordination, it's the First Stacking Toy with Rings like those pictured above. You can present it with one to three rings. To start, make the rings the same size and fairly large. Once the child has mastered it you can present the same toy but... Read more →

Like many children, Otis loves his nature collection. He loves to collect items from his nature walks including dead bugs. In the past, we've stored his nature collection including his bugs in a lovely wooden box (it has sections and a glass cover) which has worked really well and looks beautiful on his shelves. But what if you didn't want the child to touch the bugs, what if the bugs were too delicate to be handled by young children, what if you wanted to pass the bugs around to many young children? Have you thought about preserving them? Here are... Read more →

We have done a little bit of traveling this week as our older boys were on half term break. We hope to visit Stonehenge over the weekend, we also might try to visit Avebury which is in the same area. Let me know if you have any tips or suggestions for visiting these sites! Here are five things I've been enjoying this week: It's not Montessori but I love following the Botanical Collective playgroup on Instagram, they have a lot of wonderful outdoor activities. Their use of outdoor materials is inspiring. (They are based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, look... Read more →

While at this stage we work mostly on establishing a good attachment, there are lots of ways we can support the infant's need to participate in their daily care of self activities. These are most relevant for the infant once they can sit, perhaps from around six months, and can continue into toddlerhood as their scope for independence increases. Some of these come naturally to me now, I will always give the infant their own spoon, while others I need the occasional reminder! Why do we want to foster independence at such a young age? Empowers the child. Show them... Read more →