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The Everything Kids' Science Experiment Book at How we Montessori 2018

With the school holidays approaching I've pulled out some of our science experiments books and bought a few new ones. I've given the boys each a pack of sticky notes and asked them to put them next to the experiments they would like to try. This will keep them busy and engaged over the summer break. I thought I would share the science experiment books we have and use the most. The age recommendations are very general and are to be used as a guide only, all of these experiments require adult supervision. 

1. The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book - We've had this book for more than five years and it's the one we use the most. It's old school in a good way. It's not in colour, but the text is green, and it has lots of diagrams and places for the kids to write. It has lots of little prompts and questions to get the kids thinking. The experiments use a lot of materials commonly found around the home (paper clips, food colouring, shoe box, foil, rubber bands, ice, cornstarch) and only occasionally drugstore items like iodine. Ages 5-6 to years+. Topics include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth, Human Body. 

101 Coolest Experiments at How we Montessori

2. The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments - This is a much more modern book and is very Pinteresty. It has lots of bright and beautiful colour photographs but not for every experiment. It is very easy to read and use. It's easier for Otis (7 years) to pick out an experiment to do because of the photographs, it's more engaging for younger kids. The experiments require items from around the home (craft sticks, glue, paper, soap, vinegar) and the other items are easy to find at the grocery store (coffee can, mentos, coffee filter, Epsom salts). Ages 5-6 years+. Topics include Kitchen Chemistry, Physics and Making Things Move, Exploring the World and The Human Body. 

101 Great Science Experiments

3. 101 Great Science Experiments (DK) - This is a slightly larger book, it's A4 in size. All experiments have full colour photographed steps. It has slightly more advanced experiments. While the experiments use lots of household items they also require a few specific items like a small electric motor, batteries, wire, magnets, compass. I would suggest for children 7-8 years+. Many of these experiments would be suitable for children 12 years+. Topics include Air and Gases, Water and Liquids, Hot and Cold, Light, Colour, Growth, Senses, Sound and Music, Magnets, Electricity, and, Motion and Machines. 

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids at How we Montessori

4. Awesome Science Experiments for Kids + Fun STEM Projects and Why They Work - This is the thickest of all the books, it is in full colour and has a photograph for almost every experiment. Uses lot of household and easy to find materials with the odd exception of things like a red LED, insulated copper wire. It has experiments that would appeal to a large age range, some could be done by an adult and would interest toddlers (fruit boats, parachute fliers, pom pom drop, candy rainbow, magic milk) while others require more complex knowledge to appreciate such as lemon power and conductivity experiments. Ages 5-6 years+. Topics include Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. This book is new to us and was published in 2018. 

The Slime Book at How we Montessori

5. The Slime Book: All You Need to Know to Make the Perfect Slime - This isn't a science experiment book but contains lots of recipes for slime. Making slime is an experiment and Otis' is going through a major slime obsession. Previously we've had a lot of slime failures. I'm sure many of these recipes can be found online but I like for Otis to be able to look through the book, it's easy to use, easy to follow. It contains lots of good ideas including edible slime. Most of the ingredients are easy to find with the exception of eye wash, or activator which I had to buy specifically. Ages 5 years+.

All of these books are easy to use and make science fun and accessible!! I know there are a ton of resources online, Irene recently introduced me to The Dad Lab, but it's also fantastic for my children to be able to flip through the pages to select an experiment and follow the easy steps. 

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