My Top Montessori Weaning Tips
Plant Based Baby Breakfast Ideas (from nine months) that the big kids love too!

Montessori Weaning Around the World - ideas and words from Montessori Parents and Guides.

Because Montessori looks different in every home! Today I'm sharing lots of advice, ideas and pictures of Montessori weaning tables and place settings from around the world. These are from parents and Montessori trained guides.  

"This Montessori inspired placemat has been a great success so far. He can set the table himself and most importantly, he knows where each item goes while eating/drinking creating more order." - Ruchi (Parent). 

"In today’s session I showed this little guy how to cut up watermelon, juice an orange and taught him how to set the table. He was so proud of himself!" - Stephanie Rigopoulos, Montessori Guide at Montessori Plus (Australia). 

"I always get told “My child will definitely break it!” Well if you take time and teach your child how to use it then you’ll be surprised how quickly they learn. But be aware that once they experience that feeling of independence they won’t want a sippy cup again!" - Stephanie Rigopoulos, Montessori Guide at Montessori Plus (Australia). 

"The Montessori weaning table is brilliant because...1) When Connor drops his cup or silverware on the floor, he’s able to pick it up himself. 2) Makes throwing food on the floor much less interesting as in a high chair. He rarely throws food on the floor. 3) This particular chair makes the best little walker for pushing around the kitchen. 4) He loves pointing and talking about the wall art." - Crystal (Parent).  

"Ah the weaning table and chair. Introducing solids and letting the child discover food as a social interaction, making meals a special occasion to connect." - Jeanne-Marie Paynel, Montessori Guide at Voilà Montessori.

An example of a weaning table by Montessori Guides at Bell and Ribbon (Australia).

Montessori place settings can be cute too! Pouring milk into cereal is a fantastic way to introduce pouring in a real and practical way. 

There are lots of great weaning pictures and ideas at Montessori in Real Life by Theresa, Parent and Montessori Guide. 

"Yes, we use REAL glasses and dishes at the weaning table. And the babies love it so much." - Katelynn Chittenden, Montessori Guide at Montessori Mother

"It turned out almost impossible to find a Montessori placemat that I liked. They were either plastic or extremely colourful. This one was handmade by my mom." - Montessori365 (Parent). Love this!

"All the activities concerning Food (cooking, setting the table, eating, cleaning) are excellent opportunities for babies and toddlers to practice their motor skills, to develop language, to explore with all their senzorial capacity the environment, to become functional independent and adapt to whatever culture they were born." - Luci, Parent and Montessori guide. Luci's account also has a tutorial for a Montessori placemat and lots of recipe and food ideas. 

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