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Six new videos to help you to learn more about Montessori.

There are a lot of videos made about Montessori. Most of them are not useful or relevant. I have pulled out six videos, all made in 2018, about Montessori at home or at school, that I feel are authentic and useful to Montessori parents. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

1. A tour of a Montessori toddler classroom in Amsterdam by Simone from the Montessori Notebook. Parents can learn a lot from the toddler classroom, the materials, layout, the activities and how to present them. If you have a toddler (or an infant who will soon be a toddler) this will be useful.

2. How to start Montessori at Home - 5 Practical Tips for the Montessori parent by Carine from Montessori Family UK. Most relevant if your child is a toddler to preschooler. 

3. La p├ędagogie Montessori by Montessori Quebec. This is in French. If you don't speak French it is still nice to see inside the Montessori classroom.

4. Discover the Benefits of Montessori Elementary at Le Port Montessori.  

5. Montessori Adolescent School by Strata Montessori School, in Ancaster, Ontario.

6. Authentic Montessori School in Abuja, Nigeria. This is a glimpse inside Fruitful Orchard Montessori, for children from 15 months to six years.

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