Coming to you from France!
How well do Montessori kids transition to mainstream schooling?

Around here... Life at 10 months.

Otto 10 months in Paris  France  July 2018

We are now home from France but this is a picture of Otto at 10 months walking around our Paris apartment using the play gym for support. 

Animal books with real sounds at How we Montessori

A couple of French books that we purchased on our holidays. I love these so much for little ones and toddlers. All of the images are real images/photographs and the sounds are real sounds (you press a button on each page to make the sound of the animal pictured).

Otto 10 months in Paris  France  July 2018

At what age can children independently use the weaning chair? At around 9-10 months. Otto can independently get in and out of his weaning chair and his cube chair. He likes to practice and will spend 5 minutes or so just climbing in and out of his chair. And... sometimes standing on it. 

Otto xylophone 10 months at How we Montessori

I've found babies around this age love to bang on things like a little drum and/or xylophone. 

Otto drinking cup with one hand at How we Montessori  at 10 months

Such a pro... he can drink one-handed. But perhaps we need a bib or cleaning cloth.

Otto 10 months in Paris  France  July 2018

A few new little vases. I still can't put them down low in Otto's environment. He will drink the water and eat the flowers. Hopefully, it won't be too long before this phase is over. 

Otto 10 months in Paris  France  July 2018

Not so much for Otto's room but I wanted to show you this, in case your children like to press flowers as much as mine. This clear frame is a lovely way to display dried flowers. 

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