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France  Handmade Montessori materials

Can you believe we are currently on holidays in France? It's such a wonderful experience for the boys. They have French lessons in school but this is a real immersion into French culture. We just got back from the supermarket and it was so fun looking at all the different products, reading the different labels and greeting others in French. 

As we are in France, I wanted to highlight some wonderful materials from around this beautiful country, most of these are for infants or toddlers and all are handmade, some might inspire you to DIY. Not all of these are Montessori materials but they are all suitable for and relevant to a Montessori home environment. 

  1. Montessori Baby Toys - Interlocking Discs, Bell Cylinder and Grasping Beads.
  2. Handsewn Montessori Place Setting.
  3. Soft Playmat/Movement Mat.
  4. Organic Cotton Natural Infant Kimono Top - pure unbleached clothing for infants, the most gentle clothing.
  5. Child's Cotton Cleaning Cloths - in the sweetest fabric.
  6. Teething Toy.
  7. Wooden Puzzle.
  8. Sensory Bean Bags.
  9. Grasping Beads.
  10. Puzzle Ball
  11. Topponcino.
  12. Child's Wardrobe

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As we are having a wonderful and busy time, I will not be posting here for the rest of the week. You can check our picture of the day for updates otherwise I will see you back here on Monday! Take care. xx

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