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Montessori Baby Bedroom at 10 months at How we Montessori  Otto

Otto has just turned 10 months old so I thought it was time to show you his updated Montessori room. We moved into this house in January, after an international move we barely had any toys or furnishings. Now the room is starting to look and feel more lived in and we are working out the best way to use the small space we have available. Above he is playing with the bells and cube c/o Montessori Shop

As Otto is now crawling and climbing, we've been careful to remove any hazards in his room, including low plants and small parts and I've played around with his bed a little.

Otto's window at 10 months at How we Montessori

I need plants in every room of the house so the solution was to put a plant on the window sill and add a couple of hanging plants. This cute little name puzzle had to go up high too, some of the letters are currently too small for him. We also have a night light, hair brush and a music box (not pictured) up here.

Montessori low shelves at How we Montessori

Marta is such a wonderful illustrator, we have so many her prints, I knew I could find a way to add one to Otto's room. I'm sure you have seen all of these materials before but let me know if you need an explanation. Object permanence is a big part of Otto's materials at the moment. He is still working on the single circle puzzle. There is also a little mirror with a wooden frame that you can see on the top shelf. 

These are the new Birch Montessori Infant Shelves at Sprout. I can't say enough good things about them. They are easy to put together, they just click into place, they are of solid construction and are really affordable. Our infant shelves are c/o Sprout.

Otto's Montessori room bed and table

I've moved Otto's bed to make room for a little table and chair. His play silks are in the basket pictured above. He has a few open-ended materials in his room including the play silks and wooden blocks. His bed is c/o Sprout and will be available for pre-order on July 13th.

Otto's bear and open ended materials at HWM

Next to his bed are some cushions, his bear, book basket and wooden blocks. When he is a little older I will look for a small book shelf but for now the small basket works. 

Otto with music box

This music box is everything, it's so beautiful (it plays Au Clair de la Lune). We usually only play it at bedtime in the evenings. 

Otto's Montessori room bed and table

He is now able to get in and out of the weaning chair independently. He just adores the ball tracker, it's one of his favourite and most used materials. It also has an object permanence drawer at the bottom. He doesn't use this table very much but he spends a lot of time standing at it and getting in and out of the chair, he likes the practice. 

Otto's Montessori room bed and table

To the right is Otto's wardrobe. He has a low hook for his bathrobe and a low mirror for care of self activities.

Otto's Montessori Room at ten months

Sprout have a lovely range of Montessori furniture available with free shipping (on orders over $75) in the US. Sprout's Montessori beds are available for pre-order from July 13th. They are selling the first 20 beds at a 25% discount starting at the pre-order period of July 13th at 3pm MDT. You can order a bed during the pre-order period of July 13th - July 20th at a 20% discount using the discount code HWMBED. Tomorrow I will share some more detailed pictures of Otto using the bed and show a few different options. 

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