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HWM Montessori Weekend Reading July 2018

How was your week? We have been so relaxed this week and we are very much enjoying the warmer weather. Today I made space to create some art shelves for Otis. Not only is it difficult to make space for art shelves in a small home but it's also difficult when you have an active crawler around! Here are a few things I've been enjoying this week:

  1. Creating the Perfect Montessori Kitchen Space for your Child at My Little Keepers. 
  2. Créer un point d'eau Montessori à la maison or Creating a Montessori water station at Home at en confiance avec Montessori. This shows a couple of really simple but doable water station solutions. 
  3. Waldorf and Nature Inspired Summer books at Whole Family Rhythms. Many of these are suitable for Montessori families. 
  4. What a gorgeous arrangement! Aménagement d’une micro-crèche Montessori à Saint-Jean-Leblanc or A Montessori Nursery at Saint-Jean-Leblanc at Sylvie d'Esclaibes.
  5. Découvrir les coquillages et le corail avec Montessori or Discover seashells and coral with Montessori also at en confiance avec Montessori. This is so, so beautiful. 
  6. Otis' new art shelves - he also has paper, stamps, face paints and, clay in the shelves underneath (not shown). The Colour Wheel is from here

I hope you have a lovely weekend. 

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