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Eco Friendly Toilet Learning at How we Montessori  Kylie

It's time for us to start thinking about toilet learning (why am I so excited?)! Unfortunately, we don't have any of Otis' old potties or pants (or puddle pads) so we are starting from scratch. Which is a little fun, there are lots of potties available now, perhaps too many, so we are looking at all the eco friendly ones. How fun it is to have a completely compostable potty? From potties to training pants, here are the eco friendly options we are thinking about!

1. Beco Potty - Made from waste plant material and are biodegradable. I am not sure if these are still in production but there are a few in stores. (EU, EU, US)

2.  Naty Potty - Made from renewable sugar cane. 

3. Eco Life Biodegradable Potty - A potty made from recycled plant materials (bamboo and rice) that biodegrades naturally when buried in your garden!! (New Zealand, Australia

4. Deluxe Potty Chair - This looks fantastic and easy for the child to use. I wish this was local to me! 

5. Bamboo Potty Training Seat by Growing Up Green. This appears to be discontinued, please let me know if you find something similar. 

6. Little Denver Wooden Potty Chair. So stable and can also be used as a stool.

7. GroVia Training Pant - These can be pushed down and pulled up but offer more protection than standard training pants, eco-friendly option to pull-ups. 

8. Cotton Training Pants - The brand we used with Otis are not being made anymore. We will need to test and order new organic cotton training pants. 

9. Cotton Baby Wipes + Homemade Nappy Change Spray - If you are using cotton baby wipes for nappy changes why not use them for toilet learning too? I plan to use them along with our Water Wipes for tricker clean ups. 

10. Wool Puddle Pad or Mattress Protector - We use one of these as a change mat. You can see our DIY version here which is really eco friendly if you are repurposing an old wool blanket. 

11. Tinkle Towel - For protecting car seats and other surfaces. I'm going to use one of these under the potty to absorb mess or spills. 

12. Wet Bag - For accidents or used nappies/wet clothes. 

Depending on what potty we use, I also love the idea of these potty cozies, especially in winter for very young babies or for those who are sensitive. This is how we set up Otis' toilet learning area and here is some Montessori Potty inspiration

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